Xmas Live x RATS

by Johanna Roelich

We’ve had the privilege of working with one of Liverpools rising alternative/indie bands; RATS, a number of times over the years. Whether it being through festivals, gigs or a photoshoot similar to this one, the guys are always full of life and entertaining to be around, not to mention their incredible talent on stage. The full breadth and power of RATS becomes evident when on stage, where they’ve been hailed by fans and critics alike for sounding record-perfect in the live arena, but with a spine-tingling and raw delivery.

This time we got together with the boys though, the line-up changed slightly and unexpectedly… Originally, RATS were formed of Joe Maddocks, Michael Duncalf, Harry Maitland and Sam Taylor who were handpicked by manager Harry Griffiths from existing bands on the Liverpool music scene, back in 2017. Since then, RATS went on to produce big hits, ‘Figure It Out’, ‘Weekend’, ‘Jack’, ‘Dreams’ and most recent banger ‘Daily Grind’. Since their success over the years, and endless support from the likes of This Feeling offering unforgettable gigs and festivals over the years and TV appearances on Soccer AM and more, the boys have decided to part ways.

Now, the band has two new members; Alan Phillips and Lowell Carragher. Although the line-up is slightly different, the bands’ energy and bond hasn’t changed which is a pretty magical and unique thing to maintain, and that was very clear when we got together with them for our Xmas Live campaign. We dressed the boys in one of their favourite brands; Emporio Armani EA7 and took to the stage.

These boys have a bright future ahead of them and their determination to make sure of this is very apparent. If you haven’t checked out their unique sound yet, give them a listen.

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