Xmas Live x Harvey Jay Dodgson

by Johanna Roelich

Harvey Jay Dodgson is a fresh talent bringing something special to the music industry with his impressive alternative jazzy sound. Refreshing to see from an 19 year old who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Or as it would seem. Harvey started playing the guitar at the age of 7, and by just 9 years of age, he had written his first song ‘The Black Sun’. From a young age, Harvey was influenced by the likes of King Krule and Cosmo Pyke, which opened his ears to a completely different sound of music that he wasn’t used to.

Harvey wrote his debut ‘Indigo’ after being introduced by older brother Neil to the music of Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday & the free-flowing vocal melodies of Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles. Indigo was released in 2019 and has had a thriving reaction.

This Portsmouth newcomer is striving for greatness, and we are lucky enough to have it play a vital part in our Xmas Live campaign, teaming up with Tommy Hilfiger, for 2020.

Get Harvey’s look and shop Tommy Hilfiger.

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