Xmas Live x Fitzroy Holt

by Johanna Roelich

Some of you may recognise this face… Fitzroy Holt, aka Connor Brooks, was once the frontman of Wolverhampton indie band, The Surrenders. The name might be new to the game, but Connor has been taking on the music industry for years and was always a favourite amongst unsigned British bands. This is simply, a new and exciting chapter. Introducing; Fitzroy Holt.

Fitzroy Holt is a soulful singer songwriter that gifts us with songs written from the heart. Which is a talent on it’s own. His music was yet to be heard until last just a few days ago when he introduced his sound to the world through our campaign. Fitzroy Holt performed for us ‘Kelly’ – a beautiful track filled with outstanding vocals and folky acoustic riffs, and ‘Medicine’ – keeping in touch with the indie-folk sound Fitzroy Holt has adopted, but giving a nod to his rock and roll roots. Check out this unmissable performance on our Instagram account.

Fitzroy Holt has a promising and exciting future ahead of him. He’s proved he can adapt to different styles and genres, which will see him going far.

Follow him on Instagram to scope the exciting plans he has in store for us all. You’ll not want to miss out on anything this lad does, trust us.

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