World Cup Qatar 2022 Kits | RANKED 

by Luke Wheeler

So here it is… the 2022 Qatar World Cup! The biggest sporting competition in the world is kicking off with all teams releasing their kits for the upcoming global event. This year, it is a little different to your average World Cup. It is taking place on the 20th of November with the first game being Qatar vs Ecuador. Historically, World Cups have all taken place in the summer with pubs and beer gardens full to the brim. So, this one will be different but exciting, nevertheless.  

As a football shirt fanatic myself, what better way to get you in the mood for the World Cup than ranking every kit from worst to best. You may agree with some, and you may disagree with some, but these are all based on my own opinion so let’s get started! 

Also, as a little disclaimer, the only team missing from this list is Cameroon as they have yet to release their kits for the World Cup. They released their shirts for African Cup of Nations 2022 (AFCON), but it is not confirmed these will be used for the world cup as of the time I am writing this. I just couldn’t wait any longer! 

31) Switzerland 

The reason Switzerland are last on this list is because I don’t see anything too special about both shirts. The home shirt looks like not much effort was put in with the details. Apart from the thin stripes across the top, not much stands out. And the away shirt is a Puma template that they are using this year which, again, pushes the boundaries of football shirts much like the third shirts they did for clubs last year. 

30) Ghana 

Again, not too much going on with these two shirts apart from the details representing the colours of the Ghanaian flag on the sleeve cuffs on the home shirt. It is a smart shirt in terms of wearability outside of football but not one I imagine will go down as one the classics. And for the away shirt, as the shirt manufacturer is Puma, the template comes into play but this time it shows that it is catered to Ghana with the colours and patterns of the countries culture. 

29) Costa Rica 

The shirts of Costa Rica don’t look like they took too much effort to mock up in the design room, but the design of both shirts are very sleek and smart and the colours of the Costa Rica badge pair well together. Not too many details on either the home shirt or away shirt but I am a big fan of both shirts having the same template and therefore they earn the edge over Ghana and Switzerland. 

28) Canada 

Much like Costa Rica, the thought put into these shirts seem to be lacking but there are a few subtle details on the sleeves of the home shirt that add to the shirt. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the away shirt. It is a white Nike top with the Canada badge on it, not much else to say really. The only positive I say about the away shirt is that it could be worn fashionably but apart from that, Canada have not risen to the occasion with these. 

27) Iran 

Iran’s shirts for the World Cup are very interesting. Firstly, they have stuck to their roots and used an Iranian kit manufacturer Team Melli for their kits which I love – I think they have done a great job. A great national shirt is one you can look at without seeing the badge and know which team it is. And for me, Iran have smashed this. It has a very classic feel to it along with modern details. This goes for both shirts as they are the same template which again is very smart and, the colours of Iran aren’t the easiest to make work, but they have! The reason Iran are nearer the bottom of this list is the wearability of this shirt is very limited and I believe a great shirt reels in other football fans, much like other nations in this list, and I don’t think the Iran shirts do that. 

26) Poland 

Poland are very similar to Canada with their kits this year but what makes them higher on this list is the fact that there are more details put onto both shirts. The designs aren’t very outlandish but very modern and bring something to both shirts. I can imagine the away shirt being worn by kids aspiring to be the next Lewandowski. I love the sleeve design on the away shirt and the lines on the collar and the sleeve cuffs on the home shirt are nice too, just not enough to rank higher on this list! 

25) Wales 

I like the home shirt, the zig zag pattern coming down the shirt is a great touch and the green details along the collar and the sides of the shirt really give it that Welsh feel to it. I also love the new adidas logo. However, the away shirt doesn’t live up to the expectation of the home shirt. It sticks to the white, red and green colours which is a positive, but the collar doesn’t fit. It has a Christmas vibe to it that doesn’t compliment the shirt in any way. In fact, the collar is the focus of the shirt, and I don’t believe that should be the focus on any shirt. If the away shirt used the same template as the home shirt, Wales would be much higher on this list. 

24) Morocco 

For me, Morocco have had nice kits throughout the years and this year they have mellowed out a little. As their home shirt colours are bold, they could’ve done more with this shirt in my opinion. On the other hand, the away shirt is nice, the Puma template isn’t the focus of this shirt and I like that. The faded stripe through the middle of the shirt is, and the centralised badge is perfect for this symmetrical shirt. The home shirt lets Morocco down and for this reason, they are 24th

23) Portugal 

Let’s start off with the away shirt. The primary colour of this shirt being off white works very well with the colours of Portugal. The only issue with this shirt is the strip across the shirt is very plain and feels like something is missing. But for the home shirt, everything is missing. Notoriously, Portugal have produced some world class kits in the past with the likes of Ronaldo, Figo and Eusebio wearing these shirts making them classics. But with this shirt, it looks very unfinished and for a prestigious footballing nation like Portugal, we expected more. 

22) Senegal 

The white home shirt with the V across the chest in the colours of Senegal looks great. The collar and the sleeve cuffs all being the same colours is a nice touch too. This nation isn’t known to be one of the more fashionable producers of shirts but this one is solid, as is the away shirt. Senegal has produced one of the nicer versions of the Puma away shirts this World Cup but again, the design in the middle surrounding the players number, doesn’t look right. 

21) Netherlands 

Netherlands’ colours for their kits are always a great foundation for great football shirts. The bright orange always shines through among other national teams but this year, they have shone too bright for my liking. The design looks like it has accidentally been put through a high heat wash. The away shirt is great though. Very smart and the dark blue pairs well with the orange crest and details on the sleeve cuffs so overall, the away shirt is keeping Netherlands in the 21st spot. 

20) USA 

Now into the top 20! Things are about to get interesting… USA start us off with a not-so-great home shirt. It looks more like a training top and not much else has been added to make this stand out at a World Cup. The only positive I have for this is the centralised badge which is also on the away shirt. The blue and the navy design on the away shirt is very nice. And the colours blend tie in nicely with the home shirt too. The main issue I have with USA’s kits is the fact that the Nike ticks are on the sleeves which adds its own identity but ultimately, doesn’t look as good as the traditional placement.  

19) Australia 

I like the fact that they have done it a little differently this year but not gone overboard. The splatted design on the home shirt looks good pairing with the plainer green details. I also like the away shirt. It has a similar template to the USA home shirt but, it contrasts well with the detailed home shirt and kept it more stylish. I also love how they have gone a bit rogue with the dark blue and turquoise as the away colours. 

18) Brazil 

For Brazil’s standards, I don’t think these two kits are high tier. The indistinct Leopard print across the home shirt is a great touch and gives it a nice South American vibe to it but other than that, not much more can be said. And as for the away kit, I like the consistency with the Leopard print, but I think it would’ve been better using the same template as the home kit. The gradient on the arms makes this shirt look too bold and doesn’t suit an away shirt in my opinion.  

17) Serbia 

Traditionally, Serbia have been red and white but this year, they have switched it up a little and gone red and gold. I really like this and for two colours that aren’t the easiest to pair, they have smashed it in the simplicity of this shirt. The slightly darker red crosses on the shirt to bring the details to life. The gold has carried over to the away shirt and has utilised the Puma away shirt template beautifully. These two shirts scream power, class and pride. 

16) Tunisia 

Kappa make some great shirts, and this is no different. The design on the home and away are the focus of these shirts which includes the design of the cuirass of Hannibal’s armour. They have incorporated plain and bold and perfectly matched them to create two nice shirts. The badge and the Kappa logo look to be too high up on the shirt which leaves a big gap for the rest of the shirt but again, the pattern makes up for it.  

15) Denmark 

I love the way Denmark have gone monochrome for the home shirt. It brings the shirt its own identity and makes the shirt stand out from the rest. They have also paid homage to their 1992 shirt with the lines on the sleeves and this is a great addition. The away shirt is the downfall of Denmark in this list as it looks like all effort was put into the home shirt and the away was neglected but overall, the home shirt carries Denmark. Also, an honourable mention for the meaning behind the monochrome home shirt and black third shirt too.

14) Qatar 

Now, if these shirts were for any other team, I would’ve given them a higher ranking. But, As the host nation of this World Cup, these shirts aren’t up the standard. The away shirt takes the edge as it has the gold, desert-type design but the home is ordinary and average at best with small white triangles on the sleeve cuffs. The reason these shirts are in the top 15 of this list is because historically, these shirts are levels above previous Qatar kits and apart from them having the pressure of being the host nation, these shirts are fairly fashionable. 

13) Ecuador 

As Ecuador do not have a huge, famous manufacturer such as Nike or Adidas, I have ranked them 13th because Marathon have done a great job with these. The home shirt doesn’t stand out as much as the away shirt but for a yellow shirt, covering it with a bold design would be too much. Overall, I can’t fault these too much. For me, the away shirt is brilliant, the Aztec pattern running down the shirt is a great touch and goes perfectly with the dark blue. I also believe Ecuador have one of the best badges in all the national teams which automatically bumps them up a few places.  

12) Belgium 

The strong and prominent colours and the design of the home shirt and calm colours and design of the away shirt go hand in hand. The fire design on the sleeves really brings the home shirt to life and for the nation’s colours of red, black and yellow, it was the perfect fit. The away shirt at first glance doesn’t look too special but the more you look at it, the more details pop out at you such as the colours on the badge matching the trims on the bottom of the shirt and the sleeve cuffs. The reason Belgium are high on this list is because I can see both shirts being worn in cages and 5-a-side leagues all around the world. 

11) England 

I think most people will agree that we felt let down by this year’s home shirt. It was a big ask to top last year’s but to not even match it was disappointing. The gradient feels like a training shirt and doesn’t seem like it aligns with previous England shirts. On the contrary, the away shirt is fantastic. A very 90’s vibe to it and the light blue of the badge stands out from the striking red. I also love the collar as it really brings the shirt together as a retro 90s design. I can see this shirt going down as one of the classic away shirts England have had. But it is the home shirt that is leaving England out of the top 10. 

10) Uruguay 

We are now into the top 10! I know, further down in this list I have described plain shirts negatively, but this shirt is different. I don’t know if it is the colours or the details such as the colour or sleeve cuffs, but I really like this. As the away shirt is packed with details, there was no need to do the same with the home shirt. The Puma away template has been used to their advantage with the colours bringing it all together. I particularly like the collar and sleeve cuffs being the same too. Uruguay is taking the 10th spot because having a look through previous kits, this one stands out to me as one of the better pairings. 

9) Spain 

Again, like Uruguay, they have been busy packing out the away shirt with the designs and details that the home shirt didn’t need too much attention brought to it. The dark red and blue speak for themselves with Spain. The collar and famous three stripes down the arms are enough to make this shirt loved by many. The design on the away shirt is unique and I feel in 15 years’ time, people will be able to pick out this shirt and know it was worn in Qatar 2022. Let’s also not forget the centralised badge and manufacturer! 

8) France 

Parfait. That is French for perfect and that is the only way this away shirt for France can be described. From afar, it looks like an ordinary shirt with a few details across the shirt. But after looking closely, you can see each design is an illustration related to France’s heritage. The white shirt with the light blue illustrations is the perfect choice of colours for this shirt. The home shirt has been kept simple, but I like it. The dark blue and gold work extremely well together and the subtle line details across the shirt add a little texture to it which was needed. 

7) Korea 

Last year, Korea had some of the best kits out of all nations and this year they have done it again! With not only having one of the nicest badges, but they have also stuck it on a home shirt that is going to capture the hearts of many World Cup fans around the world. The darker red tiger pattern on the sleeves matches the badge perfectly and the little black details make this shirt top tier. A shirt that turns heads, that is what we like to see. The Korea away shirt is full of colour and vibrance painted on a black shirt. The paint-like lines cover this shirt, and no other details are needed to make this shirt a classic. 

6) Croatia 

Many nations have a blank canvas to work with every year which make possibilities endless. But with Croatia, they must incorporate their famous red and white checkers every time. This leaves many restrictions with creative freedom when designing shirts, but this year they have used them to their advantage and that is why Croatia deserve 6th spot! And the same goes for the away shirt. The colours are superb and the inclusion of the checkers with the blurred effect is the perfect touch. 

5) Argentina 

Moving onto our top 5 of this list! We start with Argentina. The home shirt is very classic with details on the light blue stripes making this a great shirt all round. Also, the black details bring some contrast to the shirt that in previous years have been missing from using the likes of gold. The away shirt is where everyone’s attention is going this year. The monochrome play on purple and the geometric fire pattern coming from the bottom of the shirt is magnificent. I also love the addition of the single colour badge too which adds to this spectacular shirt. 

4) Japan 

Both of these shirts are brilliant. The design on the home shirt covers the sleeves too which I love. The chosen colours on this pattern are great too. The away shirt isn’t as in-your-face but the 3D effect on the sleeves compliments the home shirt and make the pair one of my favourites on this list. Japan have also produced some wonderful kits throughout the years and the standard is still extremely high and I can’t wait to see these in action in Qatar!  

3) Mexico 

If you have a look back at Mexican kits in previous World Cups, you can tell they are not shy of making a statement and putting together great designs on their kits and this year shows that. The home shirt represents Mexico very well in the fact that the pattern showcased on the shirt will be worn in years to come like previous retro shirts. And as for the away shirt, the braveness of the designers shows, and it has well and truly paid off. No matter which part of the shirt you look at, you can guess it is Mexican from the Cinco De Mayo design used across the whole shirt. The colours match the nations heritage perfectly too. 

2) Saudi Arabia

Taking number 2 spot goes to Saudi Arabia! Before every nation announced their shirts for the upcoming World Cup, no one would’ve expected Saudi Arabia to be competing with the likes of Germany, Spain and Argentina in terms of kits. But for me, they stand out from the rest. Saudi Arabia are giving me Nigeria 2018 vibes with these 2 beauties. Both shirts will be a staple piece in anyone’s collection in the future. The colours, the designs, the badge, everything. Hats off to you, Saudi Arabia! 

1)  Germany 

And now… we have our winner of the rankings list! The home shirt alone is enough to put Germany in the top 3. The black stripe though the middle is accompanied by a centralised gold badge, adidas logo and player number. It is clean, fresh and makes a statement in this World Cup. The away shirt is a lovely dark red with a cool, rigid, zig zag design across the whole shirt complimented by gold trimmings from the badge and adidas stripes on the arms. These two shirts are a great mixture of classic German kits and a new generation of talents Germany always offer. 

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