Why We Love Liam Gallagher’s Parka Obsession

by Olivia Mannix

It is no secret that Liam Gallagher is a style icon. It all began back in the 1990s with plenty of head-turning parkas, baggy Levis® 504s, a pair of Clarks Originals Desert Treks or the staple adidas Originals Gazelles, round John Lennon-style shades, and some sort of bucket hat. But unlike some stars, LG’s look has never gone stale. Rather than looking desperate, or like he’s clinging to the past, he’s spent the last couple of years looking pretty damn godlike! 

In particular, Liam Gallagher is famous for his parka collection. It is rumoured that LG wears a parka pretty much all the time – even when he is gardening. And let’s face it, we’d be wearing a parka all the time too if our collection was anywhere near as good as his! But without further ado, here is our alternative ode to Mr Liam Gallagher’s parka collection, as we count down some of our favourite memories which involved the infamous jacket. 

The launch of Pretty Green

In 2009, Liam Gallagher launched his clothing label, Pretty Green. To coincide with the exciting launch, a new video for Beady Eye’s ‘Man Of Misery’ was also released. This was the first time we saw the top-notch apparel LG had to offer, which of course included plenty of unmissable parkas. 

Introducing @LGWears on Twitter

We all love an ‘LG x’ tweet – he’s a famously opinionated guy, after all. His Twitter account has covered plenty of topics over the years, of course, giving his parkas plenty of limelight, but no one was ready for the @LGWears  fan account. This account is for the true fans, sharing what Liam wears and where you can find the best deals on his favourite brands. Absolutely genius!

Raising funds for the NHS

It is no secret that Liam Gallagher is very generous when it comes to charity. Over the last year, Liam has worked hard to show his support for the NHS. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mancunian joined a number of musicians in donating personal items to a raffle for the NHS. The prize for fans included; a Pretty Green parka, one of his tambourines, a pair of signed size 9 trainers and future gig tickets. What a legend!

Getting involved with fashion collabs

Liam Gallagher loves a collaboration and so do we. Over the years we have seen Gallagher get involved with a handful of collaborations whether that be with Pretty Green or as himself. Aside from Pretty Green X Umbro, a highlight for us has to be the Liam Gallagher x Nigel Cabourn Parka Collection. Back in 2019, the pair came together to create a very limited edition reversible parka, that mixed military history and British popular culture. It was truly spectacular and we are hoping something like this comes around again soon!

The One Love gig

One Love Manchester was a benefit concert held on 4th June 2017, which was in response to the tragic bombing after Ariana Grande’s concert at the Manchester Arena two weeks earlier. Liam Gallagher made a surprise appearance at the One Love Manchester concert and we were buzzing. He took to the stage in a bright orange parka and no one has ever looked cooler in a jacket – that’s a fact. The Oasis frontman went on to dedicate ‘Live Forever’ to the people who died in the Manchester terror attack.

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