What To Wear To The Races

Fashion / March 13, 2019
by Aidan Jenner

As the days start to get a bit longer and the weather a bit warmer (fingers crossed) it means one thing. Yep, horse racing season is upon us and one of the big meets of the year kicks off this week, Cheltenham Festival. For loads of you a day at the races means a big day out with your mates, a few drinks and some healthy competition. You’ll need to look the part though and as usual we can lend you a hand with that. Keep reading for our tips on getting your garb right at the course.

First off it’s worth remembering that many race courses retain a pretty strict dress code. Generally, it’s smart so there are just a few tips that will mean you don’t fall foul of the rules. The first tip and probably the simplest is keep it smart. In fact, you’re probably better off overdressing than turning up underdressed. 

Now, you know it’s got to be smart, what’s next? Some courses require smarter dress than others. Ascot and The Derby are steeped in tradition so best to stick to a black or grey suit for those, but for the rest? Well in our humble opinion a suit isn’t always the smartest option. Sometimes putting together a mix and match outfit can do twice the job any off the rack suit could. We tend to favour the heritage brands in that case. Think a Lyle & Scott oxford shirt with a Fred Perry overcoat and a nice pair of trousers. Clean, classic and smart. Alternatively, a smart pair of Clarks Originals shoes, some trousers, a good shirt and a Barbour International jacket would do the job well.

That’s the basic fit out of the way so you’ll probably be thinking ‘do I need a tie?’ at this point. Again this changes from course to course but to be honest the best way of getting around this one is to just keep one handy in your pocket just in case. Whip it on, whip it off. Problem solved.

Shoes can be a bit tricky as terrain at the races isn’t always the best. With the presence of grass, you want something sturdy but it’ll need to be smart too. Leather is preferable, however depending on the venue you might be able to get away with suede. We’d recommend Clarks or Barbour footwear for this but you might also want to check out Fred Perry footwear for further options.

There you have it. A few simple tips that should keep you in top shape for the races. Tried and tested by us at scotts. Just remember, stay smart and double check individual course dress codes for the final confirmation you’ve got it right. Don’t worry though, you’ll look tip top.

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