We caught up with Liverpool’s Life At The Arcade

Music / April 17, 2019
by Johanna Roelich

Liverpool four-piece, Life At The Arcade produce a forceful mix of up-beat catchy indie-pop rock. Think Catfish meets Arctic Monkey’s – if that’s your thing, you’re going to love these guys! Trust us, you best get prepared for hearing this scouse quartet knocking around, you won’t be able to miss them!

Tell us a bit about yourselves and how you all came together.

We’re all from Liverpool & we met from playing in different bands in the past. Paddy & Paul first met at a school battle of the bands competition when they were around 13 / 14.

For anyone who may not have heard your music, how would you describe your sound?

Upbeat indie pop rock with the odd grungey twist.

Do you remember the moment you realise you wanted to create music for a living?

Probably when we played a packed sold out home town show at The Magnet in Liverpool in the early stages of when we first formed. I think that’s when it first hit us that we wanted to do this on a regular basis & play to as many people as possible.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a band since starting out?

Probably avoiding KFC every time we have a practice. 

Being a Liverpool band, there’s a lot of competition and a lot to be compared to. Are there any particular Liverpool bands you’re fans of?

Red Rum Club, The Gear and The Cheap Thrills are some of our local favourites and good mates of ours. We highly recommend you check them out if you haven’t already. Also, our adopted scousers The Indica Gallery & Eli Smart are always getting played in our van when we’re on tour.

You were on tour at the end of last year, how was that? What would you say were your biggest highlights from the tour?

Our This Feeling tour was class. We got to play some cities we hadn’t played before like Cambridge & Huddersfield. It was a good laugh! Playing with Tom Lumley on the Cambridge Date was a good one that we really enjoyed. We’re looking forward to playing with him again in Manchester on our upcoming Fake News tour. 

If you could tour with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

There’s so many we could pick. Foo Fighters would be a good one… Their live shows are unreal. 

What can we expect from you guys in 2019, any big gigs or festivals coming up?

We’ve got some fresh new singles to be released & lots of dates & festivals coming up. Get your eyes and ears ready.

What advice would you give someone starting out in the music industry?

Do what you want, don’t give a fuck about what other people or other bands are doing. Work hard & get out there as much as you can.

To end on, tell us something not many people know about you…

People always ask us where we got our name from… Our lead guitarist Adam lived in Las Vegas when he was younger. As everyone knows, Vegas is renowned for it’s casinos and arcades.

Catch the guys during their Fake News Tour, you won’t forget it!


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