Klarna to the rescue

by Olivia Mannix

It seems like Klarna has had our back through the tougher months for some time now, let’s be honest, it’s a payday hero. But if you’re still wondering to yourself just what the heck it is, then listen up. The answers to all your questions are about to be revealed. Recently we’ve even introduced a new way of paying through Klarna too, so here it goes.

Like all good ideas, Klarna began in Sweden with the simple notion of making life easier and smoother for you, the customer. Let’s imagine you’ve seen a jacket online. It’s quality, you want it and you want it now. But as life tends throw up the odd reality check now and then, you’ve been having a little bit too much of a good time this month. You’ve been enjoying yourself. But now cash flow is a little bit tight because you spent all your money on gourmet crisps, beer and superlikes on Tinder.

Well, say ‘hej!’ to Klarna (Swedish for hello according to a quick Google).

Essentially, Klarna lets you buy before you pay. With Klarna, you can buy the jacket you’ve had your beady eye on for a while and simply pay for it later. 30 days later, in fact. Instead of waffling on about how good it is for ages, we’ve put together five reasons why Klarna is gonna change your life.

Don’t want to pay your bill all at once? Well don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Drumroll, please… New to Klarna is the Pay In 3 option. To add more excitement to your life, you can now pay for your new gear in 3 affordable instalments. These payments are split equally, so that you can spread the cost of your purchase. Nifty eh?

Like the sound of Klarna? Then check out our new arrivals and get stuck in.

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