5 things to do on Valentine’s Day for the single man

Lifestyle / February 7, 2019
by Aidan Jenner

Valentine’s Day is a bit of a strange one for lads. You’re either shacked up (in which case what she says goes) or you’re not and all your mates that are playing happy families are out with their significant others. So, in honour of that deeply complex situation we thought we’d clear a few things up. Welcome to the scotts’ single lads guide to valentine’s day (we’re working on a moniker).

Stay in and play Fifa: No it’s probably not too different to what you do most days of the week, but maybe that’s a good thing.

Get yourself to the pub: Pull together a couple of your mates who are in the same boat, you might even be able to persuade some of the others too, and get to your local. Your local landlord will always love you, after all.

Watch the Europa League: This is probably the only time we’ll big up the Europa league. But Thursday nights have never been happier to see a full fixture list of second rate European football than the 14th of February 2019.

If none of that sounds good enough, why not try and catch a gig? There’s plenty going on from the White Lies who are playing the Kentish Town Forum to CHVRCHES who headline the Manchester academy.

Get a takeaway: Here’s the simple one, get yourself a takeaway menu out and just order a feast to distract you from the valentine’s themed TV. Maybe a bargain bucket or some kind of family meal will do, because let’s be honest you’ll manage to finish it.

So that’s you sorted. You’ll have no problems finding something to do on the 14th.

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