Under The Spotlight | Sam Tompkins

by Johanna Roelich

One of England’s most promising and versatile artists has joined scotts for a second exciting campaign. Sam Tompkins took part in our successful Xmas Live campaign last year, and now he is back to join us for Under The Spotlight; a fresh take on our infamous Take The Stage campaign.

Sam Tompkins lets us into his some of his most personal emotions and experiences in this scotts exclusive interview.

After such a strange, scary and of course a terribly uncertain year, we asked singer- songwriter Ren to catch up with his good friend Sam Tompkins on our behalf, to ask all the nitty gritty questions so we really understand how it feels to be Sam. This campaign doesn’t shy away from reality. This year, for Under The Spotlight, we want to address what’s behind closed doors, the person behind the talent, to celebrate them and not just their skill. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s to value others, and help and support them through their losses and their gains.

Sam has had an amazing journey and there’s plenty to come.

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