25 Years On… Umbro X Maine Road

by Olivia Mannix

Let’s flashback to 27th April 1996. 25 years ago… The first night Oasis played at Maine Road. And what better way to celebrate than with one of the most anticipated collections of the year? We are buzzing to introduce the Umbro Classic Drill collection.

Music in the 1990s was absolutely sensational and that’s a fact. With Britpop at its height, we were introduced to some of the best bands in history. We’re talking Pulp, Blur, Cast, The La’s, The Verve, Suede – the list goes on. Dubbed as one of the best Britpop bands of all time, Oasis sprung onto our radar back in 1991 and it is safe to say we have never looked back.

During their time together, the band played some pretty legendary gigs. Earls Court, Knebworth, Loch Lomond and of course, Maine Road. With the Gallagher brothers being Man City fans since birth, their dreams were made a reality with a weekend spent headlining two shows at their club’s ground. Before the gig began, LG decided to wear an Umbro tracksuit which he found backstage. And now, here we are, 25 years later, reminiscing over his incredible sporty Umbro look.

Available at scotts, the Classic Drill collection was crafted in recognition of the go-to wardrobe essentials for Manchester’s style specialists. Featuring the unmissable Britpop credentials, Umbro reaffirms its roots as uniform to 1990’s Manchester Casuals with the release of its Classic Drill collection.

It is no secret that Umbro’s Drill styles have continued to be highly sought after. The collection is a Britpop symbol combining music, sports and fashion. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the collection before it’s gone right here.

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