The Types Of People You’re Likely To Meet At University

Life / October 5, 2018
by Olivia Mannix

Freshers has been and gone and all of the first time students are trying out new things and meeting a whole lot of new friends. We’re pretty sure you would have made your mind up about certain people already, but if you’re still wondering, or trying to suss out, this might help.

We’ve pulled together some of the people you’re definitely going to come across at some point throughout your university experience.

The Party Animal

This type of person can be detected straight away. They normally start the conversation with the all-important question – ‘are you coming out tonight?’. The party animal usually goes out 5 nights a week, predrinks and drinking games are a necessity, and they are not satisfied unless they’re out until at least 3 AM. You are guaranteed to have an eventful night with this person and usually a good one.

The Uni Mum

Finally, you’ve ditched your parents and have got the freedom you’ve always desired! But not for long, a new ‘Mum’ is on the horizon. Whether it’s antibacterial gel or a pack of tissues you need, the Mum has got you covered. She’ll or he’ll (yes we’ve met a few lad ‘Uni Mums’ in our time) take you home after a messy night out and make sure you’re on time for your 9 AM. The Uni Mum is a legend and everyone needs one.

The Recluse

In a housemate context, this person has a desktop computer and probably a flat screen TV in their room. Thought to be a myth, you will begin to wonder how many housemates you actually have. The recluse emerges from their room for one of three reasons; To go to their lectures, to stock up on their secret stash of snacks and to use the bathroom.

The Messy One

These guys should be studying Modern Art, and if they are then bonus because they’re going to nail that course. It’s a kind of skill to successfully pile plates of different sizes top of each other and it’s something that these guys know all too well, adding to their ceramic sculpture each day. Crumbs, tin cans, and pizza boxes are also an unwelcome addition to the kitchen surfaces.


The One That’s Too Chilled Out

Here we have the person who is a bit too relaxed. They have a 5000-word deadline due but it’s nothing an all-nighter in the library won’t fix. This person is a procrastinator and they know it, but they just don’t care! They have plans coming out of their ears and everything apart from Uni work takes priority. Whether they are busy or not they will always find a way to get out of work and relax. These kinds of people tend to be the most fun (not being bias here).

The Best Friends

They’ve just met and yet somehow they already have 5 friendship bracelets, a full Memorabilia of nightclub antics and have planned their ‘lads on tour’ holiday to Ibiza.

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