Twisted Wheel kicked off their Nomad Hat Tour, and we tagged along.

Music / May 8, 2019
by Johanna Roelich

This weekend we travelled down to sunny Doncaster to catch our mates put on a pretty incredible performance in Doncaster’s gig central, The Leopard. This kicked off the guys Nomad Hat tour and it was a belter of an opening show. They’ve got big things coming up this year so make sure you catch them!

Supporting the Manchester lads were Pax Romana and The Jack Fletcher Band who set the bar high.

Pax Romana kicked off the night with a fierce, loud and energetic performance, one the crowd couldn’t get enough of. The mosh pit said it all really! Hailing from Barnsley, they bring something different to the scene. Their style is alternative with near metal guitar riffs and airy synth leads.

Next up was The Jack Fletcher Band from Wolverhampton, and these guys are something special. Lead singer Jack Fletcher (you guessed it) has insane, powerful indie rock vocals, alongside George with his harmonious guitar riffs, Henry’s steady bass and a strong drum sound by the talented Tom, these guys are one to look out for. They’re going to be big, and we can see it happening pretty soon. Teaming up with Twisted Wheel is definitely an opportunity that highlights their true talent.

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for, Twisted Wheel took to the stage, and they did not disappoint. I don’t think these guys know how to right now. They owned the stage, effortlessly. Jonny Brown’s smooth but rugged vocals were enough to get the crowd singing along to not only the well-known tracks but also their latest single, Nomad Hat. At that moment it was clear to see that these guys have a bunch of true followers. But just imagine, that voice mixed with one of the most powerful sounds we’ve heard, from bass player Harry Lavin, guitarist Ben Warwick and Ben Robinson on drums.

Even though Jonny Brown is the only original member, the band continue to be responsible for some of the best live shows around, with their combination of great songwriting with an electric sense of excitement and fierce harmonious riffs. They love to be on stage, performing – giving their fans what they want and what many have travelled so far to see. That much was clear in Doncaster. Their irrepressible energy and ability to deliver inspired Rock’n’Roll gave them their well-known name in the music industry, a name that is not going to go a miss.

Check out their latest single, Nomad Hat, and take a look where you can catch these guys live – you’re not going to want to miss them!

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