Our Summer Transfer Window Highlights 2018

Sport / August 15, 2018
by Aidan Jenner

It’s finally back, the Prem returns for another season of ups and downs tonight, and at scotts we’re ready to plant ourselves in our armchairs this weekend and watch every last minute of action.

Before we do though it’s time to reflect on the transfer window. As usual there was plenty of action over the summer with all but one side (you know who you are) bringing players in to bolster their squads. Here’s our highlights of the transfer window.

  1. Claude Puel wins with a dad joke:

Picture this, Clude Puel, the world’s most boring manager, a man who makes Arsene Wenger look like a glowing beacon of charisma takes on the British press armed with only a dad joke and wins. It’s been no secret that Manchester Utd wanted Harry Maguire a.k.a Slabhead at Old Trafford. The papers have been all over it and at Puel’s press conference earlier in the week, prior to Leicester’s trip to Old Trafford, one plucky journalist decided to bring it up again, much to Puel’s delight. “What’s happening with Harry?” was the gist of the question. Puel replied with a very deadpan “I can confirm that Harry is going to Manchester” and then there was a pause as the press took in what they’d heard. It appeared to be a coup for the press, who obviously believed they’d pushed the moved through. That was until the pause ended and with a wry smile Puel continued “for a couple of hours on Friday night” in reference to his sides game against the red devils. Puel 1 the press 0. Amazing.


  1. Fulham and Wolves:

How do you ensure survival in the Prem? Well the answer is simple. Just throw money at the situation. Fulham and Wolves have done exactly that signing a huge amount of players between them, for huge amounts of money. The two sides have signed a World Cup winner, a Euros winner, a champions league winner and a bunch of other players between them. In fact, Wolves are looking more and more like the Portuguese national team every day. Will it get results? Time will tell, but we like this new approach from promoted teams. Long may the mad transfers continue.


  1. Mahrez To City:

Right now you might think we’re crazy when we talk about Manchester City finding the final piece to the puzzle, after all they did look the most complete team the Prem has seen since Mourinho’s Chelsea (the first time round) or United’s 07/08 team. But in Riyad Mahrez they might have found a player who completes their impressive squad. Of course Sterling had a great season last year, but it’s no secret he’s not quite the full ticket. Mahrez on the other hand has it all. He’s capable of providing assists and scoring goals young Raheem could only dream of. Watch this space we say. He could quite easily have a stormer.


  1. What’s going on at Spurs?:

For any team to go a summer without making a signing is strange. What’s stranger is a top six team hoping to challenge for the title to go a summer without a signing. Now we know that Daniel Levy drives a hard bargain, but he may well have shot himself in the foot by playing stubborn in a seller’s market. Spurs head into this season looking much the same. Their rivals will be rubbing their hands. Where can they go really? One thing is for sure, Harry Kane will be expected to have the best season of his career to make up for it. Can he do it?


  1. Players forcing moves:

Now this one isn’t so much as a highlight as something we want to highlight. It seems increasingly common that forcing a move is an acceptable way to go about your business as a player. Whether it’s because of the money involved or just the result of a more aggressive market, we’re not keen on it at scotts. So, we’ve got a message for the big boys of the Premier League, just turn up for training lads.

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