We caught up with Trampolene during This Feeling’s “Alive” Tour

Music / November 29, 2018
by Stephanie Webster

Going into the second week of the This Feeling Alive Tour, we sat down with Trampolene lads, Jack, Wayne and Rob – the Swansea legends who have taken the music industry by storm over the past couple of years.

How did you guys come together?

J: We came together through the madness of a calm acquaintance.

W: We had a show in 4 days’ time and had no drummer so I instinctively suggested to Jack that we call Steelo. I’d not really ever spoken to him but he was a childhood friend of Jack.

R: I met Jack when we were 8 years old as he lived a few doors down. The boys and I were always in bands but not together. I got a call from Jack on a Tuesday about 4 years ago asking if I was free that Friday for a gig in Leicester. We played the show and we’re still at it.

What was the first gig you played as a band?

J: Wayne and I played at Dunvant social centre to a load of rugby players who couldn’t care less…but we loved it anyway.

W, R: Leicester O2 Academy.

What is your favourite music venue that you have played?

J: O2 arena.

W: Clwb Ifor Bach last night was incredible.

R: Loads. The Arenas with LG were amazing but my favourite is Koko in Camden.

What is your music making process?

J: Always writing at every moment… eyes and mind open.

R: It varies. Usually Jack will have a riff, melody or vocal line and the 3 of us will piece or together. Our newer stuff is being written this way and we are really excited about how it’s turning out.

How do you describe your music to people?

J: I usually just say it’s good old fashioned Rock and roll with a bit of spoken word – I like to think we keep it real.

W: Rock & Roll, bass and treble.

R: Loud, quiet, heavy, soft, melodic

Which do you think is the best UK city for music?

J: They are always brilliant… as long as the fans are there.

W: Manchester.

R: Manchester still blows us away. Anywhere in Scotland is great too. Cardiff, Swansea – couldn’t pick one!

You’ve just finished touring with The Sherlocks, what was the best part about the tour for you guys?

J: The fans. They were so open and receptive and the Sherlock boys were sound – top lads.

W: The Sherlocks lads were tidy, really down to earth guys. Being embraced by their fans was special enough for us.

Do you have any tips for upcoming bands?

J: Never give up – carry on no matter what. Find a way, head down laser beam vision.

W: Pay attention to the sparks of magic and pour your heart and soul into them!

R: Rehearse, play anywhere and everywhere you can (all the time). Never give up.

Your latest track is called ‘The One Who Loves You’, when can we expect more new music?

J: Probably in the new year, although there might be a surprise before Christmas

R: Our new album is about halfway finished so after some time off in the new year we’ll be getting that done.

Do you have anything exciting lined up for 2019?

J: A dentist appointment to have my wisdom teeth out. Maybe a book.

W: A TRAMPOLENE documentary.

R: Our new album, lots of new music, bigger tours. Who knows what else…..but we’ll enjoy the ride!

(credit: @jonmophotography, @dirtyroknroller)


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