Top Jackets From Iconic Films

Fashion / October 10, 2018
by Aidan Jenner

Have you ever seen a jacket in a film or on TV and just thought “that looks quality”? Sometimes the right outfit can be just as iconic as any line on the big screen. So, with jacket season coming in to full swing join us in having a look at the best outerwear pieces in cinema.

Top Gun, Schott NYC:

Top Gun was one of Tom Cruise’s most iconic films. Armed with a pair of aviators he slid straight into the hearts of movie lovers everywhere after its release way back in 1986. And while he did that he rocked an amazing Schott NYC flight jacket. The tan leather model looked seriously good, adding another classic piece of American culture to the brand’s illustrious history. Take a look at our selection of Schott NYC to recreate the look.

Drive, Bomber Jacket:

Before Ryan Gosling decided to become a heart throb he made a couple of amazing action movies. One of them was Drive (2011) where he starred as a stuntman who moonlighted as a getaway driver. On top of an iconic soundtrack, the film had a pretty good wardrobe and Gosling’s white bomber jacket was a particularly good choice. A touch of satin with quilted detailing gave it a simple but luxurious quality that suited the film perfectly.

Quadrophenia, Fishtail Parka:

Cult classics don’t come any bigger than Quadrophenia. The indie classic has been passed from school to school of Mod loving teenagers cementing its place in the popular imagination. One thing that really stands out in the film is the get up. Phil Daniels’ fishtail parka took a leading role of its own as one of the most iconic jackets in British film. Luckily the Fishtail parka is still a favourite for us at scotts and we’ve got a couple of great ones from Pretty Green this season.

Taxi Driver, Field Jacket:

It’s another bit of military inspired fashion in the number one spot. There could’ve been quite a few Robert De Niro films in this list but the one that’s taken the top spot is Taxi Driver (1975). There’s not really anything more memorable than De Niro rocking a mohawk and an M-56 field jacket in the psychological thriller. Loads of brands have recreated the jacket putting there own spin on it, and we’ve got quite a few to have you winter ready.

These tickle your fancy? We’ve got a our wide collection of jackets and coats that will feed those needs.

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