Top 5 Home Workouts To Keep Your Mind And Body Motivated

Lifestyle / April 20, 2020
by Stephanie Webster

We understand that it can be difficult to get yourself up out of bed and jump straight into a physical workout or even something as automatic as a motivated mindset. Especially throughout the more difficult times. It’s one thing however, keeping your body fit and healthy but it’s equally important to look after yourself mentally too. So we’ve devised our top 5 ways to give your body and brain a workout. So have a read then put down your phone and get cracking!

PE with Joe

Like it or not, the guys a Guinness World Record holder now. Don’t be fooled that it’s aimed at kids, we gave it a go and can 100% confirm it’s a cracking workout for all ages, and the guys only got 1 working arm – he makes us look bad!


Want to keep your brain engaged? Become King of the quiz! There’s loads of sites online with questions on multiple subjects. Got a specialist subject? Make sure you add a round to keep everyone engaged. Don’t fancy setting up your own, keep an eye out on YouTube for Jimmy Carr or Jays pub quiz which are great ways to get involved without having to do all the research.

The Next Mo Farah

Get outside for an old fashioned run, plenty of apps like couch to 5k that and free and easy to follow. As long as you’re keeping a safe distance then there’s no harm in dusting off those trainers and getting outside. There’s plenty of 5k challenges making their way around social media too, so why not run 5, donate 5 and nominate 5!

Get on a call

Sounds simple but get on the phone to friends, family, people that you haven’t spoken to in a while and re connect. You’d be surprised how much a simple phone call cam really lift your spirits. We’re also lucky enough to have facetime, house party, zoom. You can even transport yourself to a tropical paradise, or the pub with virtual backgrounds.

Get creative with a challenge

Supposed to be running the London Marathon? Well there’s 26 miles in a marathon and we’ve got at least 3 weeks of lockdown left. That’s 8.6 miles a week, 1.22 miles a day. You can walk, run, skip, hop, cartwheel – whatever floats your boat. Keep it interesting and keep motivated!

Stick at it, it’ll do wonders!

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