Our Top 5 Guests On Soccer AM

by Olivia Mannix

Soccer AM first hit our screens back in 1995, and since then, it has evolved with the world of football. Currently hosted by the legendary Fenners and ex-footballer Jimmy Bullard, Soccer AM is the ultimate sport talk show with a comic twist. Over the years, the show has had some pretty iconic appearances, so this week we are providing the rundown of our top 5 guests.

5. Dynamo

Dynamo has worked his way to the top of the magic circle and is known across the globe for his mesmerizing magic tricks. A couple of years back the English magician sat on the Soccer AM couch and amazed us with a special trick. As a character, he is cool, calm and collected, as well as being incredibly humble about his talent. His interview and mini performance on the show has gone down in history.

4. Blossoms

One of the biggest bands in the indie charts at the moment is Blossoms and this year they were back on Soccer AM. Following a ‘groovy’ performance for the Soccer AM studio, the band went on to talk about their studio plans and their love for football. The Stockport boys also got involved with the Volley Challenge and showed the Bristol fans who’s boss, with 3 of the members smashing the ball into the back of the net.

3. Mark Labbett AKA The Beast 

Sheffield fan, Mark Labbett, parked his regular quizzing regime for the day and appeared on the show. Sitting down on the Soccer AM couch, he shed some light on his life on ITV’s popular game show, The Chase. Wearing his Sheffield United stripes, The Beast made a stand during the Pro AM segment. Towering over everyone on the pitch, Labbett stayed calm and collected, gracefully hitting the top bins and getting the crowd excited.

2. Adebayo Akinfenwa

Known for his impressive build and physical strength, Akinfenwa has been a Soccer AM regular, recreating some incredible goals from the likes of Ronaldinho, Tim Cahill and Paul Scholes. Back last summer, Akinfenwa turned on beast mode in a Tubes vs challenge. The stakes were high and Akinfenwa’s infectious energy and banter had us in stitches. In the final round, he left Tubes scratching his head as every shot he took, slammed to the back of the net. Finishing off with a signature dance, we salute you Adebayo!

1. Serge Pizzorno

For us, Kasabian’s Serge takes the top spot for the best guest on Soccer AM. He is a legend in music and is not afraid to share his love for, and opinions on football. Every interview with Serge is interesting and hilarious – he’s just a proper Leicester lad. We love a bit of Serge and he has gone down in Soccer AM history for a ridiculous flick-up volley. The Kasabian guitarist really could’ve played for his beloved team with a finish like that.

From musicians to TV personalities and sportsmen, Soccer AM has had some top notch guests. Who was your favourite?

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