Top 10 Restaurants In Manchester

by Luke Wheeler

Manchester is one of the best cities in the UK for a range of activities and restaurants and we know how hard it can be to decide what do to and where to eat. So, in no particular order, we have rounded up our top 10 restaurants for you to try!

On this list we have highlighted a range of cuisines to suit everyone. Whether you are a local or someone visiting for the day, each restaurant on this list will be a great place to compliment your experience in Manchester.

Counter House

Is there anything better to do on a Sunday than to have a traditional roast dinner? No is the answer. We start this list with Counter House which is located in Ancoats and is the perfect location for a vibrant atmosphere to accompany a homely roast. Additionally, they have many other dishes such as curries and burgers, but we are highlighting their famous Sunday dish for this list which for the quality of food, is reasonably priced too. Also, Counter House offer vegan options to the roast dinner as well as other dishes.

Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza

For locals, Rudy’s is a staple restaurant in Manchester even though they have restaurants in Liverpool and Leeds. Most famously being located in the heart of Northern Quarter, this establishment provide the pinnacle of Pizzas for their great prices and of course, fresh and amazing food! A tip for you to enjoy your pizza even more, we recommend the chilli honey dip to have with your chosen pizza. And of course, they have a vegan pizza too which is just as delicious.

Yard And Coop

When someone says fried chicken, does anyone else’s ears perk up? No? Only me? Yard and Coop are the masters of fried chicken from wings to burgers. The big plates are also a favourite at this restaurant. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and feeling no guilt in devouring it all then this is the place for you. The menu is stacked with almost impossible choices to choose from. Fitting right into the whacky aesthetic of Northern Quarter, make sure to pose with the giant chicken once you are done!

20 Stories

If you fancy a more formal vibe on a Saturday night, this restaurant is the best place to be. 20 Stories cater to many different types of evenings. An evening of cocktails? A romantic date with boujee food? A private event? You can enjoy all of these with a stunning high-rise view of Manchester. Admittedly, you will be obliged to spend a little more than your average restaurant, but it’s definitely worth it when surrounded by scenic views and a beautifully decorated interior. And of course, placed in Central Manchester, you can get a stunning view of the city from anywhere you sit.


Feeling some pasta? Me too after writing this. Cibo is one of the best Italian restaurants in Manchester, more specifically, Great Northern. A great mixture of casual and formal atmosphere along with a range of the best pasta dishes. A personal favourite is the Penne Reggiano which comes out in a parmesan block and lit on fire to melt the cheese into your pasta. It doesn’t get much better than that. Vegan options are available at Cibo too so no one has an excuse not to try this place.

Black Friar

Salford’s historic Black Friar pub is a must visit. Why? Because this unique pub allows customers to choose from two menus. One menu is a Michelin star menu and the other is a more relaxed and informal menu filled with pub classics. This pub also has one of the best beer gardens in the city where you can enjoy your pint or meal in the (limited) Manchester sun. It has been almost 20 years since a fire devastated the pub but now it has made its return and it is back better than ever!


Stationed in the unique place that is Hatch, you will find this 10/10 restaurant with an enticing menu. With an array of halal oriental food and the chill vibes of Hatch, this is the ideal place to enjoy some unreal scran. They have more traditional dishes mixed with local favourites such as burgers with their own spin on them which are executed perfectly. Also available are a range of vegan starters and mains to cater to all.

Herd NQ

Who doesn’t love a good steak from time to time! And when we say good, we mean GOOD. Herd NQ is another restaurant located in Northern Quarter but had to be included due to their 10/10 steak dishes. This is a fairly new place to Manchester, but they have well and truly established themselves within the city. A great vibe inside with occasional live music and good people enjoying drinks, this place is an ideal restaurant for a weekend treat. The prices are also very reasonable for the quality of the steak, so we highly recommend giving Herd NQ a visit!


Tattu is another one of those restaurants that are a must try. A modern Chinese menu leaves you wanting to try one of everything. If you would like to put on your best shirt or your favourite heels, you will fit right in at Tattu. The interior is kitted out with beautiful lighting and aesthetics to give it a romantic and modern feel. A highlight is the impressive, pink blossom tree that towers above tables in the middle of the restaurant. If you want to indulge in exceptional food in the middle of Spinningfields, Tattu is where it’s at.

Fat Pat’s

Last but certainly not least on this list is Fat Pat’s. As much as it is a restaurant, they have no seats or even indoor dining! If you want to grab something quick but delicious on your way home, Fat Pat’s have you covered. Down a small Alley just outside Chinatown, you will find a window for Fat Pat’s. But don’t let this fool you into thinking this isn’t one of the tastiest sandwich places in the city. The superb grub makes up for a very limited menu but make sure to book in advance as this place is very popular!

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