Top 10 Films To Ease The Lockdown Boredom

by Johanna Roelich

With yet another national lockdown announced, we find ourselves looking at new ways to spend our days, to make them a little different from the last. To make this seem less of a tedious and repetitive pattern for you, we’ve rounded up our top 10 solid films choices to keep you occupied throughout lockdown three, so you don’t have to think about it. From feel-good animations, must-see Marvel, to all-time classics, we’ve got you covered.

To keep you going, we will continue to throw some ideas your way, to prevent the lockdown boredom.

Contagion (Netflix 2011)

Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion is probably the closest Hollywood got to a premonition. An ensemble cast of big names (Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Matt Damon to name but a few) impress as vessels and barricades in the global spread of a virus abetted by fake news, civil disorder and mass transit plague farms formerly known as airports. Sound familiar?

Soul (Disney+ 2020)

What is it that makes you…YOU? Pixar Animation Studios introduces this beautiful feature film which is a must watch to kick off the new year. The all-new feature film SOUL dives into the magic of the The Great Before – a fantastical place where new souls get their personalities, quirks and interests before they go to Earth. Directed by Academy Award winner Pete Docter co-directed by Kemp Powers, this film has the power to move each and every one of us.

Borat 2 (Prime Video 2020)

Newly released on Prime Video, Sacha Baron Cohen’s highly-anticipated sequel is a lockdown essential. It’s sure to bring the laughs, alongside a whole lot of social commentary, and might be a well-needed antidote to any stress brought on by the US election.

Parasite (Amazon, 2019)

Hearken back to Oscar season with Bong Joon-ho’s incredible offering. Parasite is pretty much the epitome of a film set to go down in history, becoming the first non-English language film to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

The Irishman (Netflix, 2019)

Netflix’s most high-profile original movie is a stellar coup – reuniting legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese with Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel for another gangster epic. If that’s not enough, it also marked the first time Scorsese worked with Al Pacino. Think Goodfellas meets Silence – a 210-minute late-career masterpiece that more than deserves your time.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Disney+, 2014)

Chris Pratt smashes the role of Star-Lord – The half-human, half-alien, leader of the Guardians, it in the Marvel flick. It’s one of the most joyful superhero films of all time, in no small part due to its soundtrack, which is sure to be on your playlists for weeks afterwards.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Netflix, 2020)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a raucous, smart, self-referential adventure. The comics-inspired visuals are stunning, and the emotional coming-of-age story is relevant and inspiring, even as it acknowledges the many Spider-Man movies that have come before it. Sony is clearly looking for a way to launch its own distinct take on Spider-Man that can stand up to the live-action MCU version, and that franchise now has its first instalment.

Many have dubbed the best Spider-Man movie over its live action counterparts. It’s exciting, suspenseful, funny, sweet, and pretty much everything you could want from a Spider-Man Movie

Uncut Gems (Netflix, 2020)

The opening 10 minutes of Uncut Gems alone is one of the wildest things you’ll see in a recent movie. To spell it out would be to spoil it, but it’s a palpitation-inducingly stressful thriller. Filmmaking duo the Safdie Brothers are on killer form with the story of jeweller Howard Ratner (a never-better Adam Sandler) who is in a constant world of trouble – always one big score away from safety, and one terrible decision away from catastrophe. Uncut Gems is a two-plus-hour shakedown, as Ratner tries to stop his world falling apart. You’ll thrill at his near-misses, shout out loud at his dire judgment, and find yourself rooting for him nonetheless. Small-scale but utterly pulse-pounding.

Shutter Island (Netflix, 2010)

The fruitful collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio continued apace with this moody, haunting and twisty thriller. DiCaprio is U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels, assigned to investigate the disappearance of a patient from Shutter Island Ashecliffe Hospital. He’s been pushing for an assignment on the island for personal reasons, but before long he thinks he’s been brought there as part of a twisted plot by hospital doctors whose radical treatments range from unethical to illegal to downright sinister. And there’s much more going on to it. Leo is naturally great, with Scorsese also marshalling the likes of Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams, Max von Sydow and Michelle Williams.

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