Timberland: Celebrate The Icons

Fashion / November 9, 2018
by Johanna Roelich

Don’t know if you’ve noticed but the newness just keeps on coming at scotts and we’ve got some absolute belters for you. And just in time Christmas too.

Sometimes new gear comes hand in hand with a decent night out too and last night saw exactly that. Last night we had the pleasure of heading down to Soho’s very own Phonica Records to celebrate 45 years of the iconic brand that we all know and love: Timberland. I mean, talk about iconic. There can’t be a single person out there who couldn’t identify the yellow boot or the branchy tree logo.

We went to the event unaware of what to expect, which was a great way to look at it. We queued up in the dark, cold winter streets in Central London, everyone excited to get through the secret door at the back of the record studio, purple spotlights beaming through its cracks. We walked in and the atmosphere didn’t disappoint the expectations built up by the queues general natter. Brand new and exclusive – yet to be seen product and designs were displayed around the room for everyone lucky enough to be invited to have a gander, but of course not touch.

There were some familiar faces on deck as music icons of the present day rolled through the doors. A few names that were amongst them were Yxng Bane, Tiffany Calver and DJ Target. It was a quality night all round, here’s a couple of pictures of the night.

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