The Top 5 Glastonbury Moments Of All Time

Music / May 12, 2020
by Olivia Mannix

It’s official, festivals have been cancelled or postponed, and we are gutted! To keep the festival spirit alive, we wanted to look back on the legendary British music festival, Glastonbury. So, here are the most memorable Glasto moments of all time. 

Lewis Capaldi as Noel Gallagher

In 2019, Lewis Capaldi made his Glastonbury debut and shocked the crowd with an iconic entrance. After Noel Gallagher has made some comments about the Scottish star, Lewis took the feud one step further with a ‘light-hearted’ spin. Before Capaldi’s arrival on stage, a clip of Noel Gallagher’s thoughts played on the big screens. Lewis Capaldi swaggered on stage, wearing an Oasis-style Parka, sunglasses and a t-shirt featuring Gallagher’s face inside a love heart. This moment took our breath away and it was the perfect portrayal of Calpadi’s playful personality to win Noely G over. 

Corbynmania taking over

Who knew so that many politically passionate people attended Glastonbury? And thanks to this, an infamous chant that began at a Libertines gig has made its place in political history. One of the greatest moments in Glasto history has to be the moment when the “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” was born. In 2017, Corbynmania hit Glastonbury as Jezza himself made an appearance. The Pyramid Stage crowd went mad for the Labour Party leader as he spoke about the power of music. What a legend.

Radiohead finally playing ‘Creep’

For many years, Radiohead never played their incredible hit ‘Creep’ on stage. The few people who managed to see the rare rendition were incredibly lucky and many asked was a live performance a myth, has it really happened? The band continuously dissed their track and could never understand why people wanted to hear it, but then, they gave in. Live at Glastonbury, the band played their biggest hit and blew the crowd away during their headline set. We are so glad they came to terms with the song being an absolute banger!

Oasis ‘Slide Away’ at Glastonbury

Back in 1995, we saw one of the most memorable Oasis performances at Glastonbury. Headlining the world-famous festival just one year after their debut, Oasis put on an incredible set and performed some of their biggest hits. After their first two albums, Definitely Maybe and What’s The Story Morning Glory, the world fell in love with their outstanding tunes. This rendition of ‘Slide Away’ is still talked about today, as Liam’s voice really was in its prime. The Britpop performance gave the Glasto crowd chills and the song is a firm favourite for virtually every Oasis fan.

The naked guy in the Foo Fighters’ crowd

We all love a bit of the Foo Fighters – but not as much as the naked guy seen in the crowd at Glastonbury. During one of the Foos’ headline sets, Dave Grohl spotted a naked man in the crowd. Standing on the top of one of his friends’ shoulders, the infamous ‘naked guy’ managed to catch Dave Grohl’s attention. Dave and the band were taken back by the fan but didn’t hesitate to dedicate ‘My Hero’ to the naked hero. Festivals are pretty crazy, right?

What is your favourite Glastonbury moment?

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