The Three Kings | Interview with Director Jonny Owen

by Johanna Roelich

The story of three football managers – Matt Busby, Jock Stein and Bill Shankly – is to be told in this brand new documentary feature film, which is available on digital release and DVD from 16th November. Pre-order yours here.

The film is directed by Welsh producer, actor and writer, Jonny Owen, who has seen huge successes in his career so far, winning the prestigious ‘Gwyn Alf Williams Bafta’ for his brilliant documentary ‘Aberfan’ in 2007, and going on to further his reputation with numerous successful productions and star roles over his active years. A truly inspirational and driven man, that’s for certain.

The Three Kings tells the story of these three iconic football mangers and how they impacted the beautiful game we all know and love. This is the incredible story of how Matt Busby, Jock Stein and Bill Shankly, born in the central lowlands of Scotland within 30 miles of each other, grew up to become lifelong friends and three of the most influential men in football history. All leaders of three of the most legendary football clubs in the world – Manchester United, Liverpool and Celtic – they lead their teams from the doldrums to achieve unimaginable success, captivating millions of fans and becoming three of the most famous sporting institutions on the planet. The Three Kings features stunning archive footage from their greatest victories, this story is about more than three men. It is about The Three Kings – the makers of modern football.

Here’s Jonny Owen had to say about the making of this film and his inspiration to putting it to life.

Pre-order your DVD copy now.

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