The Revival Of Retro Sportswear

Take The Stage / January 31, 2020
by Jacob Peatfield

The mid 90s saw the birth Britpop fashion. Sportswear hit the scene with big personalities like Noel and Liam Gallagher and Blur’s Damon Albarn driving the key trends from music to fashion. Two decades later, the 90s Britpop nostalgia is becoming more and more prominent in today’s clothing scene, with scotts leading some of those casual favourites back to the forefront.

Britpop’s comeback is one to get excited about, but where did it all start? Back in the 90s, Britpop was influenced by the different cultures and terrace groups in Britain. Football and music fans scoured the iconic brands of Camden Town’s vintage stores like Fila and Tacchini. They mixed these with aspects of Manchester’s 60s mod culture to create the classic 90s Britpop look. Some of today’s big brands went through their heyday during this classic time. Fred Perry’s so-called Perry Boys roamed the streets of Manchester, while the likes of Lyle and Scott, Aquascutum, Lacoste and Armani were among the go-to brands on the terraces.

Nowadays, the revival of Britpop fashion is again becoming a sought after look. For football fans, this is great news as this is a look that has always had ties with the terrace scene. Formerly massive brands like Umbro, who sponsored both Manchester City and Manchester United back in the day, are leading the revival following their collaboration with Liam Gallagher’s brand, Pretty Green.

Wondering where to start for that casual Britpop look? We’ve got you sorted. Pair a bit of Aquascutum with some Armani jeans, a pair of classic Gazelles and a piece of classic Fred Perry. Job done.

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