The Life Of Riley, Broudie. For Under The Spotlight with Columbia

by Johanna Roelich

We’ve all heard the famous song by The Lightning Seeds, ‘Life Of Riley’ written by Riley’s dad and band frontman Ian Broudie, but let’s hear what it’s like in the life of Riley, by the man himself. We are extremely happy to announce our latest Under The Spotlight campaign with Riley Broudie of The Lightning Seeds, featuring outerwear brand Columbia.

You all know of the Lightning Seeds, if not for their alternative rock background throughout the 90s, then definitely for their famous Three Lions track that )of course) exploded and continues to be the anthem through any major England competition. Genius.

Well, Riley has now been part of The Lightning Seeds alongside his dad for over ten years, after joining straight out of school. The chemistry you witness on stage between the father and son is something quite special. You hear of plenty of siblings coming together on stage but a father and son is a rarity.

Riley Broudie is a humbled guy and very proud of his background and journey. Follow his story in our exclusive campaign, as he takes through this experiences and influencers.

Shop Riley Broudie’s look, with Columbia. Available online at scotts now.

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