The Hometown Heros

by Chris Balding

Beachside With The K’S

The K’s, unlike The Rifles, are a relative newcomer to the mainstage. There are lofty ambitions at the heart of The K’s as they’re not only trying to make authentic music, but they’re looking to create a culture around the band that extends beyond music. 

It is worth mentioning now that, during their first gig at Jimmy’s in Manchester, fans ripped the ceiling off. Quite literally. It is, in part, due to their live intensity that has enabled them to independently become one of the biggest bands in the UK underground rock scene over the last few years. Gigs in Croatia and Serbia took The K’s energy overseas to huge success, diversifying their fanbase and amplifying their sound is what The K’s are about. 

With support from This Feeling, the Manchester outfit took their sound throughout the UK, culminating in a headline show at The Ritz in Manchester. The success of their tours have been seen in rapidly growing live audiences, whilst streams are well into the millions at this point.

Considering how the mainstream music media have so far failed to give The K’s pride of place amongst the leading UK bands right now, their success so far is even more commendable. 

The K’s have a tenacity and hunger rarely seen in the contemporary British music scene post Brit-Pop. Speaking to them you would think they are seasoned professionals already, despite the endearing excitement of a young band on the cusp of stardom. We sat down with Manchester’s new boys to discuss their career so far, future plans, favourite moments, and, of course, understanding what makes it onto their rider.

A. First of all, tell us about your infamous trip to Sweden…. 

K’s. What an absolute disaster that was! We flew in the night before, absolutely steaming and buzzing to get out round the city. We’d even picked the clubs we’d be going to! All seemed hunky dory until passport control tyrant Jessica saw our guitars and wanted to ask questions. They took our passports away, it was absolutely awful as you can imagine. After a full day of trying to resolve the issue, we finally got confirmation that they were in the wrong. The border police even brought us some beers and cigs into the terminal when they found out! We’d already missed our stage time, so we literally flew to Sweden to sit in an airport terminal for 24 hours and then come back. Absolute nightmare! BUT, we are back there in

July to play the main stage at Lollapalooza, Stockholm, so we can’t wait to

finally get to play Sweden!

A. What are you doing right now? 

K’s. We’re in the middle of our UK tour and apart from a few sore heads it couldn’t be going any better for us. Sold out crowds in places we’ve never headlined before and new K’s chants emerging in each city things have really stepped up and every show’s been class.

A. What was it like supporting DMA’S? 

K’s. It was class, touring the country taking the roof off renowned venues with such a mega band, doesn’t get much better! 

A. What was your first ever gig and how does it compare to your gigs now? 

K’s. Our first ever gig was in Sound Control in Manchester. We had a 15 minute set! We actually went down really well for a first show, but there weren’t too many there for our set! Now it’s absolutely packed out venues of K’s fans going absolutely mental. The fans at our live shows are by far the best thing about being in the band. 

A. What’s your favourite gig that you’ve ever played? 

K’s. Usually we would always say Kendal Calling 2019, it was just ridiculous the turn out we got. You never know what to expect at a festival but they had to shut the tent down due to the numbers that turned up. However, I reckon our headline show at Albert Hall a couple weeks ago just about topped it for us. Was nuts from start to finish, there’s no feeling that comes close to that reaction you get on stage. 

A. Who would be your dream band to support? 

K’s. I think we’d all have different answers on this one. For me, it would be The Stones, I don’t think you get much bigger than that and to party with Keith. We’ve done sick so far in getting some class support slots with bands we love and there’s already talks of more very soon! 

A. What’s the most essential thing on your rider? 

K’s. Doritos, salsa and hummus. There would be riots in the dressing room if that ever went! 

A. When can we expect the debut album and what can you tell us about it? 

K’s. This is a question we get asked a lot, we have songs coming out our ears and the album’s ready to go, it’s just waiting for the right offer at the right time, and it’s coming! 

A. Best new This Feeling bands that you’re tipping? 

K’s. The supports have all been mint this tour. Special mentions to Rats, Overpass, Rosellas! Fiona Lennon has an absolutely amazing voice too, I saw her name on the Isle of Wight poster for the This Feeling with Scotts stage. 

A. Finally, any advice for new young bands? 

K’s. Do it with people you like to be around. You’ll be spending A LOT of time together! 


Jai Mcintosh – John Earls – Louise Schofield – Georgia Murphy

Tom O’Donoghue – Andrew Cooper – Will Ireland – Evie Friar – The K’s

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