The Dawn Of A New Generation: PlayStation 5

by Johanna Roelich

We can’t pretend that it’s not been a rollercoaster of a year (to say the very least) but finally there’s something to look forward to before the year is up. An extra special Christmas present if you like. The PlayStation 5 that has been the power of the talk for months, finally arrives tomorrow. Whilst many of us have already preordered the console, tomorrow is the official day of the next generation of console battle. The big PS5 reveal event in June was seriously exciting, delivering us games galore, and our first look at the PS5 design, not to mention PS5 accessories. 

PS5 represents a true generational leap, and the games you will experience over the coming years are sure to change gaming forever. The ultra-high speed SSD alone will revolutionise how games are developed and played, not to mention the increased fidelity and performance many PS5 games offer. And then there is, of course, the DualSense wireless controller. It’s an exciting time.

You’ll be able to buy the PS5 for £449.99 and the PS5 Digital Edition for £359.99 from the 19th November.

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