Take The Stage x Sam Fender

by Johanna Roelich

The singer-songwriter hailing from North Shields has been on everyones radar for some time now, and he’s not going anywhere fast.

In the space of just a few short years, Fender has gone from Low Lights to the bright lights. Not only is he one of the young artists at the forefront of the indie rock revival, he’s also the winner of the Brits Critics’ Choice Award 2019 following the success of huge hit Hypersonic Missiles (which was the name of his debut album)

Sam claims that his singing/song-writing skills are all the talent he can call out, but when his music ability is on such a high scale, who needs anything else?

Fender’s musical influences range from Donny Hathaway to The Police due to his parent’s personal interest growing up. But not only that, the tight knit community Sam grew up back in his little hometown put him in good stead for wherever he goes, to this day.

Get to know the musical genius that is Sam Fender, in our latest Take The Stage campaign, with Barbour International. It’s a cracker.

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