Take The Stage x Tom Grennan

Take The Stage / March 30, 2019
by Johanna Roelich

Our Take The Stage campaign is shaping up to be an absolute belter. Last week we had the pleasure of hanging out with the incredibly talented singer-songwriter Tom Grennan. We got to know him on a personal and professional level, he showed us the ropes of his career, boasted his modelling skills and gave us a cracking intimate performance in the closed Jimmy’s bar in Manchester. We may have shared a pint or two with him too.

We let Tom rest for a couple of hours before he had to grace us and 100’s more with his presence for an invite only event, back at the bar. He arrived to a sea of fans all waiting eagerly to greet him.

Our mates Prose supported Tom along with a handful of talented DJ’s (Katie Owen and the This Is England boys). They all put on an top show, showing off their variety of skills, and the crowd went mad for it.

Tom Grennan came on stage around 10:30 (although we’re not quite sure how he made it through the crowd in one piece) and the whole room went off, singing his lyrics back to him, shouting strings of compliments and dancing around like nutters. It was class.

You can watch the whole gig below, as well as our exclusive interview and intimate performance. Trust us, it’ll be like you were there with us.

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