Scotts Summer of Football: The Final Round Up

Sport / July 17, 2018
by Aidan Jenner

We don’t know about you but we’re feeling a bit lost at scotts HQ at the minute. After a month of pure excitement, the kind that makes you feel like a kid in a sweet shop, The Summer of Football is all over.

It’s a month until the Prem kicks off again and no one really enjoys pre-season football, do they? Having said that, what a tournament it’s been, and what a way to end it with France being named World Champions after an exhilarating 4-2 win over Croatia. We’ve pulled together some of our best bits to try and delay our devastation that it’s over. Here goes.

Harry Maguire:

Affectionately known by Jamie Vardy as ‘Slabhead’, Harry Maguire, the simple lad from Yorkshire somehow became the nation’s sweetheart out in Russia. The Leicester City defender put in a series of titanic performances which will no doubt have people talking of a big money move over the next couple of weeks. At one point it looked like there was nothing he couldn’t do. Big tackles? Not a problem, mate. Passing out? Does it with his eyes closed. Score goals? Hold his beer. Despite all the solid defensive shows, it was Harry’s potential as a meme that really captured our attention. In the first world cup to truly embrace the digital age, Maguire came out as winner. Well in son.

A New Star Is Born:

At the tender age of 19 most of us were sat on park benches all summer messing about, or working horrible Saturday jobs for grim amounts of money. Not Kylian Mbappe though. No he spent his summer lighting up the biggest stage in world football. He may not have won the golden ball, but there’s definitely a case to be made that he should’ve. The PSG star played with the maturity of a seasoned centre back and the pace of a pro sprinter. In doing so he left a long list of solid defenders on the floor and to top it off scored in the final. We predict huge things from him.

Batshuayi’s botch job:

Sometimes it’s the little things that really make a tournament. That’s definitely true in this case. Social media king Michy Batshuayi made it his duty to celebrate properly following Adnan Januzaj’s goal against England in the group stages. Michy picks the ball up ready to jubilantly smash it back into the net. He does exactly that, apart from he doesn’t it hits the post and flies right back into the forwards face, continuing his miserable form in front of goal. A real highlight.

Russian Success:

The tournament was a real success for Russia both on and off the field. The nation’s spirits were raised immensely and their outward looking face appeared better than ever to the world looking on. Despite some initial fears, the tournament was one of the most organised and successful of recent times. We’d say on a par with Germany 2006 for organisation. That’s no mean feat, we take our hats off to them. And then, to top it off the host nation had a good run in the tournament producing some of the most enthralling displays of them all. We were pretty impressed by it all.

The Final Touch:

The final between Croatia and France was one of the best we can remember. France’s 4-2 win had it all. There were plenty of goals, some dominating midfield displays either side of the break from Modric and Pogba, some good defending, some bad and an incredible result. We have to say the best side did win in the end. Didier Deschamps deserves a lot of credit for building a well-balanced side with real attacking potency. It was the final the tournament deserved, we wont be forgetting it any time soon.


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