We Live For Those Away Days | Summer 2021

by Johanna Roelich

Summer 2021 will be one that we all remember for years to come. Our favourite sports, venues and locations were opened up to the public after an antagonising 16 months of staring at four walls and tiptoeing around the phrase ‘normal life’. Freedom Day (19th July 2021) meant livelihood was on the rise once again and positive thoughts flooded across the UK. Anyone who lived through the anxious school playground moment where the headteacher would check the grass to see if it was dry enough to extent the playing-area, then floods of excited school children filled the field like a wave when he/she gave the gladiator ‘pollice verso’ style thumbs up, will know exactly what I mean… This kind of seemed a bit like that.

Anyway, the summer of celebration is here and it’s time to enjoy it with our greatest tribes! Summer Away Days celebrates life, a life filled with what we love the most and the feeling it leaves behind. Whether thats having a kick about with your mates, going to catch the first football game of the season or simply grabbing a beer and a burger with them, we’ll be celebrating it all summer long!

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