Sleaford Mods: 5 Tracks That Influenced Us

Music / July 10, 2015
by admin

For the uninitiated, Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn are a two piece dance punk outfit from Notts.

Visibly, sonically and lyrically they present the consummate antithesis of the music industry: two middle aged blokes, one making low fi beats, the other inflicting us with a Tourette like barrage of unsavoury language and anecdotes about unemployment, capitalism and urine. They represent a burning respite from the spoonfed high panted beaming demon of chart hogwash.

The half spoken, half shouted concoction of political apathy, class dejection, system failures and swearing are alchemised into sonic manna. Far from consciously catering to everyone, they’ve stumbled into the ears of many generations – an unlikely node connecting wannabe punk hipsters to the 40 something’s that identify with Jason’s witty disillusionment.

Seeing is believing. Sleaford Mods’ live show is a kind of unpolished meat and bones affair consisting of Andrew pressing play on a CD player and Jason bursting into a vein throbbing lyrical tirade. The contrast alone is a spectacle – one a casual bystander, the other a fuming Northerner on a soapbox.

They have no parallel – Death Grips in the US perhaps, but they’re a little more considered, more produced. The Sleaford Mods’ mixture of musical styles, infectious grooves, lyrical content and live energy, all untethered from any grandiose expectation, have ironically sky-rocketed their currency.

We caught up with frontman Jason to ask him for five records that influenced them.

Roachee – Sith Lord

Unapologetic, simple.

Pet shop Boys – I Want a Dog

We are big admirers of The Pet Shop boys and this tune is quite different in lots of ways, proper raw.

Fat White Family – Cream of the Young

Chaos, but with a large measure of order

Wiley – Grew Up In

LFO – El Ef Oh!

Still fresh, no messin.

Image Credit: LNP / Rex Shutterstock

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