Seven films we’re looking forward to in 2017

Film & TV / January 12, 2017
by Josh Kelsall

Well, 2017 is shaping up to be a massive year for cinema. Every year the budgets get bigger and the storylines get more ambitious. With so many blockbusters coming out this year we wonder if we’ll get time to see them all. And if so, which ones? Though, it’s not exactly a bad problem to have. So with that being said, we’ve gathered trailers of the biggest films coming in 2017 to wet your whistle.

Trainspotting 2

Renton, Begbie, Sick Boy and the rest of the gang return 20 years later for the much-awaited sequel of Trainspotting. They’ve all missed each other dearly. Older? Yes. Wiser? Perhaps not, if the trailer is anything to go by. T2 will be one of the biggest films this year so don’t miss it. The world premier takes place in Edinburgh, which is a nice touch, and is out in the cinemas at the end of January.


There’s nothing quite like sitting in the cinema watching a massive action blockbuster to get your pulse racing and popcorn spilling. Dunkirk is going to be HUGE. Director Christopher Nolan knows his big-film-onions, too. He’s directed The Dark Knight and Interstellar, and his massive cast of household names including Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and the boy Harry Styles – making his on-screen debut – look set to redefine the World War II genre.


We all love a good space film these days, don’t we? Gravity was great (if not a little vomit-inducing if you watched it in 3D) and Interstellar made everyone weep like a baby. Life sends Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson (not that one) and Ryan Reynolds up to the International Space Station looking for, er, life, then it all gets very tense.

The Fate of the Furious

Hate it or love it, the Fast & Furious franchise just keeps on rolling and making extraordinary amounts of money. This will be the eighth instalment. Eighth. Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham – three huge Hollywood stars – all return so fully expect this to be more ludicrous than the last one.


Another remake. As if there aren’t enough remakes. It stars Dwayne Johnson (he’s everywhere) and Zac Efron plus, of course, a host of beautiful women. The trailer is pure drama – get ready for a big slap of nostalgia to the face plus look out for the iconic slow-motion run down the beach. Classic.


A scary one. The first Ring film was genuinely chilling and to be fair it’s a bit of a classic in the horror genre. By the look of the Rings trailer it’s the same premise: watch the video and seven days later you sadly die. Well, why don’t they just re-watch it every sixth day? Start the process again. Wouldn’t that solve the problem? One to think about.


Scorsese. De Niro. Pesci. Liotta. 146 minutes of perfect cinema. You’d find little argument when you declare Goodfellas as the greatest film ever made. But what’s this classic doing on the list? It’s only been restored in glorious 4K, hasn’t it. If you haven’t seen Goodfellas by now, firstly, where have you been? Secondly, head to an Odeon near you (or online) immediately and book yourself a ticket. It’s a unique way to watch a cinematic beauty.

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Image Credit: Sony TriStar Pictures

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