scotts X Fred Perry: With The Band

by Johanna Roelich

It’s no secret that we’re into our music, of all genres – it’s a part of who we are, our heritage. We appreciate talent and thrive to celebrate that talent, whether it be supporting a local artist or band, or some that have broken into the industry all around the world. Ever found yourself answering the common question of “what type of music do you listen to” with “Everything”, yeah, us too. One thing’s for sure though, with so much up and coming talent around at the minute, music will never die.

We’ve teamed up with Fred Perry to bring you interviews with some of the best up and coming and established British talent.

This campaign is a celebration of real people across different decade and disciplines. It stars the likes of Trampolene, The Cosmics and The Surrenders.

The Cosmics

The Cosmics Band

 The Cosmics are a garage punk rock trio from Birmingham. Erin Curran on vocals/bass, brothers Conor Boyle on guitar and Danny Boyle on drums. Despite being formed in Birmingham, their roots are implanted in Ireland, which is why in their more frenetic songs (Waste of Time, Johnny) you can hear the pub rock/punk of The Strypes, The Undertones and Ash, and this is coupled with the retro ‘60s-inflected dream pop. They have been compared to the likes of The Undertones and Blondie, and have played with bands such as Clean Cut Kid and The Shimmer Band.

These guys are definitely ones to watch. Check them out on soundcloud.

 The Velvet Hands

The Velvet Hands band

With various comparisons to “early Rolling Stones”, new Cornwall/London rockers, The Velvet Hands, made up of Toby Mitchell, Dan Able, Sam Hilder, are very much a band on the rise, ready to take the industry by storm. Very much looking and sounding the part, they encompass elements of The Strokes, The Stones and the Clash in their Garage rock n roll story telling.

 Check them out on Soundcloud.

Emily Capell

Emily capell band

Emily Capell is a singer/songwriter and has been affectionately described as the adopted daughter of Jamie T and Billy Bragg. Raised in North West London on a diet of Johnny Cash, The Clash, The Smiths, Mod culture and the top 40, Emily Capell employs her eclectic influences to make indie pop with attitude. Emily got her first guitar when she was just 10 years old and was gigging by the age of 14.

Check her out on Soundcloud.


Trampolene Band

Trampolene are an Indie Rock n Roll band from Swansea, who are smashing into the industry. They have already supported The Libertines and Pete Doherty, and have a strong relationship. Their support continues to grow, and after witnessing their unforgettable performance at Y Not Festival at the weekend, it’s clear why. The sound is described by the Welsh rockers as a noughties British rock and roll band with some punk and spoken word poetry chucked in the mix, filled with past experiences of growing up in Swansea, the good, the bad, the rough and the smooth. Sounds like a sonic get up we can get on board with.

Listen to them on Soundcloud now.

Andrew Shim

Andrew Shim Band

We all know of Andrew Shim, or shall we call him ‘Milky’. That’s right, This Is England star is back on our radar as he gets involved in the music industry through his DJ passion. Who better to take part in a campaign with Fred Perry than a man who practically branded himself with the Wreath throughout the 90’s and 00’s?

Check out more of the up and coming, and established talent Britain has to offer here.

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