The scotts Student Guide: Manchester

Lifestyle / September 18, 2017
by Josh Kelsall

Manchester has PLENTY going on and being a student there is one of the finest places you can be – that’s why over 85,000 students flock there. Manchester has three universities: University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan and Salford (yes, the true Mancunians will argue that Salford isn’t Manchester, but we’re putting it in, so there).

Student life is a time that’s much simpler and, at risk of sounding clichéd, you don’t realise how good it is until you look back and think: ‘Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed that’. For a start, it’s a completely different world – the normal life rules don’t really apply. Like choosing not to go to 9am lectures on a Monday because you think it’s a scandal to have a lecture SO desperately early. Then there’s the back-to-back-to-back-to-back nights out. And the sheer amount of frozen food consumed keeping Captain Birdseye in chunky cable knits for the next few years.

Forget the debt, these will be some of the best days of your lives. And where better place to do it than MCR.

Music courses through Manchester’s veins. You don’t need us to tell you about the influence of The Smiths, Oasis, New Order and so on. There are literally loads of places you can go and see a band or artist in Manchester. You’ve got the Manchester Arena, Albert Hall, Manchester Academy, Apollo and The Ritz, down to the smaller venues like The Deaf Institute, Soup Kitchen and Gorilla. There’ll be live music on somewhere every night, we can guarantee you that.

Northern Quarter
This is Manchester’s cultural hub. Fancy a chat and a brew? A nice bit of scran? A couple of edgy second-hand vintage corduroy shirts? Some insta-worthy street art? It’s all in the NQ. And as with all northern cities, there are loads of bars that will guarantee you a quality night out with tons of student nights on through the week, too. Not that you’ll be out mid-week because you’ll be studying, won’t you?

From Bowie to Sloth to Mancunia #WeLoveMCR #outhousemcr

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Fallowfield is Manchester’s student mecca. It encapsulates everything about student life. Rows and rows of cheap terrace housing, a host of takeaways, cheap booze, underground parties… the lot. For a full university experience, your second and third year may well centre around Fallowfield. Proper student living.

A free bus travel around the city centre. Free. FREE. There’s nothing more to say about that, really.

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