The History Of Terrace Fashion

by Johanna Roelich

Subcultures and fashion go firmly hand in hand, particularly in Britain. From mods, rockers and skinheads to punks and goths, subcultures have always influenced the top trends of the times. There is one subculture amongst many that has stood strong to this day, and that is terrace fashion.

Entering 2020 as “Terrace Specialist” thanks to our mates over at adidas, (one of just two in the country) we thought we’d look into the rise of the casuals (aka terrace) so you can see why it’s such a key and iconic part in the fashion and sporting world. To an outsider, the Terrace casual style is just about the most confusing fashion to get involved with. So what exactly is ‘Terrace’? For some of you, the terrace lifestyle isn’t part of your day to day, or is it just that you don’t notice? Terrace fashion is in the public eye a lot more than you may think.

Born through England’s massive love for football, Terrace apparel and footwear became the standard garments for football fans all over the country. Vintage adidas Originals trainers are the most popular in terrace footwear with the classic Samba, Gazelle, Broomfield and Jeans being a number one choice for many throughout the decades.

The Terrace movement really started in the late 70’s when football clubs such as Liverpool were experiencing European glory. On their European travels ‘firms’ of young lads would bring back new and unseen continental labels like Diadora, Lacoste, Sergio Tacchini, Fila, Ellesse, Lyle and Scott and other sportswear labels. This was really the beginning of hype sportswear. These designer sportswear labels were to become some of the most talked about terrace brands for decades to come.  

To be realistic and not to sugarcoat it, the look evolved during the early 1980’s as popular youth culture was born as the combination of football and fighting became a part of life for the youth of the 80’s. The police were still looking for the Dr Martens type skinhead look, the casual movement changed all this allowing the firms to slip off the radar.  A whole nostalgia is now attached to these brands whether terrace related or not as true icons of the era.

From the late 80s to early 90s, all things terrace changed due to the huge movement in music, and in particularly, the Manchester music scene. The streets saw the return to 60’s baggy t shirts, hooded tops and flared jeans. It was only when Oasis arrived in 1994 that we saw the first band totally influenced by terrace culture and in turn this kick started the fashion again and by the mid 90’s it was back and bigger than ever and continues to this day.

Want to get your hands on a piece of timeless fashion whilst throwing a nod to such a tight historical tribe? We have just what you’re looking for.

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