scotts Exclusive Interview With Don Broco In Association With Northern Exposure

Music / August 5, 2019
by Johanna Roelich

We’re at YNot Festival with the members of ‘Don Broco’ in association with Northern Exposure Exposure. The popular rock band formed in Bedford back in 2008 and have gone on to find fame on the road, touring alongside.

Enter Shikari, Lower Then Atlantis and We Are The Ocean before releasing their debut album ‘Priorities’. They followed up with second album ‘Automatic’ and then third offering Technology. Rob Damiani (lead vocals), Simon Delaney (guitar), Tom Doyle (bass and programming) and Matt Donnelly (drums, lead and backing vocals).

Hey guys, thanks for chatting with us, how are we feeling? All festival ready?

Very good thanks, yeah really looking forward to our set!

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about Don Bronco?

We’re Rob and Matt and we’re a rock band from Bedford, we’ve been going 
a few years now. We met at school and started playing together shortly 
after that, started gigging and carried on getting more and more gigs. 
We’ve just worked really hard and pushed ourselves to be the best we 
can. We released our third album a year ago and we are going to start 
our fourth very soon. So keep your eyes peeled on our socials for that!

Sounds great, on your third album I guess your no strangers to the festival scene, what do you think makes British festivals some of the best in the world?

Yeah, we’ve played a lot of festivals. It’s the people really everyone 
has the attitude of having a good time. The Brits really make the most 
out of their festivals and really inspire the weather. When it is sunny 
it’s great but when it’s really miserable and we’ve got torrential 
downpour everyone’s still here to have a good time and really make the 
most of it. It’s something you’ve been looking forward to all year. The 
summers here you’re going to get away for a few days camp get yourself 
in some particularly dodgy situations and you just deal with it. We’re 
quite lucky today with the weather but when it’s not and you see people 
sliding through mud on blow up air beds and just embracing it and it’s 
incredible to see and then when the weather is good, you think oh yeah 
the party’s on now!

Yeah it can get pretty crazy! I’ve noticed a lot of people across the festival are dressed up, if you had to pack a fancy dress outfit to take to Y-Not, what would you take?

I’d love to go full on Power Rangers, I’ve seen it done once or twice 
and got really jealous about it. When you see a full crew of like five 
or six people and they’ve all got your different colours on. You’re 
definitely not going to lose each other either. There’s never been Power 
Rangers more than 6 there’s always been 5 and an extra one here or there 
so if you’re going with more people than that you’ve got to go with 
something about more broad. Or you could do the different Power Rangers 
within your group like some being the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers 
others being the Ninja Storm. That would be sick all dressing up as the 
different off shoots of Power Rangers!

Okay, so say your dressed in your Power Rangers get up! Who on the line up would you most like to party with?

Well, we’re only here for the day unfortunately, we’re playing Truck and 
Kendall Calling this weekend, so it’s a very busy weekend for us. But 
we’re really excited to see Idles, Franz Ferdinand and Elbow, we’ve 
never seen Elbow and they’re one of them bands you have to see at least 

What’s your favourite memory from performing at a festivals?

One of my favourites was probably the first time we played Reading and 
Leeds. We played the BBC Introducing Stage and it was one of them shows 
where you wonder if anyone’s going to be there or not, and then everyone 
turned up. I guess weirdly you don’t take it in when you’re playing 
shows because you’re focused, but that day the sun was setting and the 
show couldn’t have gone any better. We took a moment to just take it in 
and it was one of the best feelings ever. We stood there and thought 
actually stuffs going really well.

Sounds amazing! So whilst playing these memorable slots what would you say is your number one festival necessity?

I’d say sunglasses and you can see I’m wearing them now and I don’t 
really need to be. But they’re a great safety net by the 3rd day when 
you’re absolutely haggard you’ve been boozing for 3 days straight, you 
don’t have to look presentable you can just bang them on and off you go.

You’ve announced a 24 date North American tour, you must be really looking forward to that?

It’s our first headline tour doing it in our own right playing solely to 
our own fans, so yeah we can’t wait. We’ve been there in the last 2 
years 5 times now. It’s great getting to go back out and show them what 
we’re working on.

On that note is there new music in the pipeline? Can we see a bit of experimentation with your future work?

Yeah we’re going to be working on something very soon. We always try to 
focus and develop on the main thing about our songs and the song writing 
that made our band stand out and feel different from all the other 
millions of bands out there in the world. It’s still very early days and when we write albums we are open to anything. I think we’re going to take what we’ve been doing on our other albums and slightly revamp it a little, but in the same breath it’s still going to be the same Don Broco sound our fans know and love.

We will look forward to it! You can catch Don Broco live on their North American tour, all dates are on their website below.





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