scotts Exclusive Interview with Anthemic Indie Rock Band: Cleargreen

Music / February 23, 2019
by Johanna Roelich

We’ve been lucky enough to see these guys perform a couple of times over the last year and they’ve managed to blow us away on each occasion with their energy on stage and incredible raw indie vocals. Their music is heavily influenced by alternative indie, mod, and classic rock & roll which they perform with a ferocious energy and boasting confidence. If you get chance to see these guys live, you won’t forget it. They’re more than capable of achieving huge things. We fancied a chat with the Manchester 4-piece to get to know them a bit better…

Can you introduce yourselves and what you all do

Liam on Bass and Vocals

Mike on Drums

Josh on Guitar

Ali on Guitar and Vocals

For anyone that’s never heard you before, describe your sound in 3 words:

Indie Street Psychedelia

How did you all meet?

I (Ali) met Liam when I was on the lookout for a bassist at the recommendation of Dantevilles who we’d just recently gigged with at the time. All of a sudden there was double the songwriting power. From there we met Josh though mutual friends up Liams end in Darwen. Mike came into the fold when we spotted his ad online, he seemed like an accomplished drummer, so we got in touch.

We recently saw you perform at Night & Day Cafe in Manchester with This Feeling, how was the night for you? What was your biggest highlight?

The night was top, one of the best we’ve played and easily one of the best line ups we’ve been on. Just playing our tunes to a room full of receptive people is a highlight in its self. That’s all we really care about, playing our songs.

You were listed in Fred Perry’s Top Manchester Bands to hear, which is a pretty big deal. What other highlights have really stood out for you?

We’ve had a few big things stand out to us this past year. We’ve supported Twisted Wheel, played Y Not Festival with This Feeling as well as being apart of their ‘Big In 2019’. Most recently we just supported Shotty Horroh on both Manchester shows which was mental!

What’s the best thing about being Cleargreen?

For me its having an outlet of expression. I think that’s important to me. And besides that, it’s these bonds you make with these people you’re creating music with.

If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would be headlining alongside you?

Australia I think. I’d have us on with DMAs, Sticky Fingers, Courtney Barnett and JID. An all day affair.

Are you going to any festivals this summer? Either performing or just going along to enjoy it.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for some festival shows. I’m too skint to go as a punter!

Who are your biggest influencers?

All the obvious really; Stone Roses, Bob Dylan, The Beatles. Anything that’s authentic and true.

What’s your plan for 2019, is a tour on the cards?

We’ve got a mini tour coming up in March thorough This Feeling. We’re in Leeds on 9th, Blackburn on 15th and Sheffield on 16th. Tickets are available on our website.We’ve new release line up through out the year and these are our best songs yet

What advice would you give to someone looking to break into the music industry?

Personally, I don’t feel a part of all that yet. What I would say though is start a band and play your hearts out.

Give them a listen!

Photography credit: Denise Letizia

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