scotts Collections | Top 5 Terrace Footwear

by Johanna Roelich

Terrace fashion has been an ongoing passion for us here at scotts for many years. A passion that continues to grow and a love that will never get old. As each day goes on, we take more pride in our terrace involvement which will soon become part of our heritage. It’s a beautiful thing.

Think of the incredible three-stripe classics that have been making their mark on ‘casuals’ history since the 1950’s, the incredibly sleek silhouette of the adidas Originals Jeans, the fierce looking Gazelle and the classic Samba. All silhouettes worth getting excited for.

We have made it our duty to keep this passion alive across the UK, which is fairly apparent when you look at our social channels, especially. With that being said, we started up a #scottscollections on Instagram so that everyone who shares this passion, can do so, with us.

Here are some of your scotts Collections imagery, that you kindly shared with us.


Show us your collection using #scottscollections on Instagram now.

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