Scotts Awaydays Survey 2014 Results

by Scotts Blog

Let’s face it, nothing sums up the joy of being a football fan like the ritual of an awayday. Unlike other surveys, we specifically wanted to find out about the actual experience of going to a game, which is what an awayday is all about.

The modest size of Britain means whichever corner of our cosy island you hail from, you can get up on a Saturday morning and travel to pretty much any ground in the league with, at the very least, enough time for a beer before kick-off. We take it for granted really. Hopefully these results will help you an informative decision as to which away match you want to watch your team play.

So, here we go, here are our findings…

Best Overall Awayday Experience

Whether it’s in a cup final, the playoffs or an international, it’s hard to match the feeling of seeing your team at Wembley.

The first stadium on the site was built in 1923 and entered the footballing history books when it hosted England’s World Cup win in 1966. Pele called it “the Cathedral of Football”, and it went on to host countless other unforgettable moments in the sport’s history. The iconic white towers were pulled down in 2003 to be replaced four years later with the stadium we see today, which you voted your best awayday of all.

1. Wembley
2. Man U
3. Tottenham
4. Rangers
5. Liverpool
6. Leeds
7. Man City

Best Pie

Poole’s pies were founded in Wigan by Margaret Poole in 1847 and quickly gained a reputation for making quality pies and pastries for the North West, so it’s no surprise to see Wigan, who continue to serve Poole’s pies at the DW Stadium, top of the pile here. You can also find the pies on sale at Doncaster Rovers’ Keepmoat Stadium.

Big shout to Kilmarnock who came in second, where the steak-based ‘Killie pie’ has a sterling reputation north of the border.

1. Wigan
2. Kilmarnock
3. Kidderminster
4. Brighton

Best Pint

Your beers before and after the game are an essential part of the awaydays experience, and it’s in the East Midlands where you’ll find the best in the country, as Derby proved most popular in the survey. With a host of pubs in close proximity to the station, such as the Merry Widows or The Brunswick which hosts over a dozen real ales on tap, it’s always a good bet for a pre-match pint.

1. Derby
2. Newcastle
3. Brighton
4. Barnsley

Best Away Stand

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It may be the most expensive ground in the country for away fan but you can’t knock the Emirates for sheer scale and comfort, with padded seats, plenty of legroom and uninterrupted views for 3,000 away fans. It’s a far cry from the terraces of old, but the £470m Emirates Stadium, which was built to replace the old Highbury in 2006, comes out on top in this one.

1. Arsenal
2. Man U
3. Newcastle
4. Bolton

Best Atmosphere

Crystal Palace’s fans are among those pioneering the rise of ultra-style support in the UK, with their Holmsdale Fanatics bringing an intense continental feel to the South London stadium. Those on an awayday to Selhurst Park can expect flares, flags and drums to create what you voted as the best atmosphere in the league.

1. Crystal Palace
2. Rangers
3. Stoke City
4. Newcastle

Worst Dressed Fans

Bad news for Scousers as Liverpool top the worst dressed list…

1. Liverpool
2. Celtic
3. Newcastle
4. Wigan

On the other hand, we asked which labels were the most popular to get the awaydays look and it seems that Fred Perry are top dog in the awayday fans’ wardrobe, with a pair of adidas Originals on their feet. Keep your eye out this Autumn for more adidas drops, with the limited edition Spezials arriving at Scotts and the Hamburgs also on their way in.

What are your thoughts on the survey, do you have any other away day experience you’d like to share?

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