Red Rum Club chat to scotts & Mophie at Isle Of Wight Festival 2019

Music / June 26, 2019
by Johanna Roelich

We caught up with Liverpool favourites, Red Rum Club, to chat about their incredible journey, biggest highlights and what we can look forward to seeing this year.

The guys sold out every venue during their tour last month and it’s not a shock… These guys are pretty special. Although we’re confident you’ve heard the name Red Rum Club popping up here and there now, we’re still going to set the scene.

On the Thursday night the headliners walked out to a very full – no, packed tent, with the liveliest crowd you’ve probably seen in a long time. It was as though the Liverpudlians had filled a couple of coaches from their hometown and sent them on their way… They probably did that too! The atmosphere was insane, and I’m confident to say there wasn’t one person in that crowd that didn’t know every song, every lyric. Even the scotts lot!

Check out our exclusive interview below and if you haven’t heard their unique rock sound yet, give them a listen here.

As always a big shout out to Red Rum Club for chatting with us, This Feeling and Pirate Studios for bringing the magic and Mophie for keeping up powering through the weekend.

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