Quiz Ideas To Keep You Entertained During Lockdown

Lifestyle / June 5, 2020
by Olivia Mannix

Whilst we have been in lockdown, Zoom, Teams, Facetime and Skype have become second nature to virtually everyone across the world. Us Brits love a good quiz at the best of times, but now we are getting involved with quizzes left right and center. The question is, who’s quiz will be the best of the best? Well, yours of course with some of our top notch ideas to make sure that when it is your turn to host, you provide a quiz to remember.

Facebook Throwback

Although some people may be afraid to admit it, everyone loves a Facebook throwback. The aim of this round is to find some of your mates’ cringe, weird or misspelled Facebook statuses from back in the day and get them to guess who said what. Trust us, this round will have everyone in stitches!

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown

If you haven’t seen this TV programme, it is definitely worth a watch. Merging two of Channel 4’s favourite shows, 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown is the perfect hybrid to entertain both quiz and comedy fans alike. Add some funny anagrams to your quiz, or get everyone thinking with a maths problem that is of course inspired by the show.

The Price Is Right

This is one of those rounds that seems easy on the surface but when the answers come out, everyone is surprised! Whilst getting your weekly shop or browsing online, snap a few pictures of some random items. Make your mates guess the price of a wheelbarrow, a baguette, a pair of slippers or a sled – the options really are endless.

Famous Siblings

Why is it that there are so many famous siblings? From Gigi to Bella Hadid to Chris, Liam, and Luke Hemsworth, get everyone thinking about who is related in the celebrity world. Present a picture of one of the siblings, and get the gang to guess their famous brothers or sisters. We can assure you that some surprising revelations could be in store.

What Country Are You In If…

There are thousands of landmarks and attractions across the globe, presenting you with a great opportunity to test your pals’ geography skills and tourism expertise. Where would I be if I was climbing the Eiffel Tower, looking at the Forbidden City or sailing past Alcatraz Island? This is a great round that will get everyone excited about traveling again, as well as causing some moments of brain freeze!

Name The Album Cover

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that doing a music round via video doesn’t always go to plan with sound quality. Sometimes the only option is to upload things to YouTube or trowel the internet to find some banging music clips. Let’s face it, preparing for a music round can be a bit of a faff, so introducing an album cover round keeps the music alive. Find some of the most iconic album covers, but don’t be afraid to throw in some tough ones.

Guess The Flag

Your audience is either going to smash this round or fail miserably. There are 195 flags for the different countries across the globe, ranging from Gambia to Mali, Togo, Slovakia and beyond! This is a great picture round to get your quizzers guessing. 

Logo Round

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a logo round. We’ve got the instantly recognisable, the slightly less known and the ones that will leave everyone confused. Simply present the logos on their own or add a question to prompt your audience – something along the lines of ‘What oil and gas company is represented by this logo?’.

Guess The Famous Voice

We live in a world where famous voices flout around frequently. In music, films, TV, news and so much more, we are exposed to these voices every day. But would you recognise Gary Linekar’s or Michelle Obama’s voice? Who knows… put it to the test with your pals. 

Say What You See

Get your mates to identify the right catchphrase. This is a great option for a simple yet hilarious round. Make your own catchphrase images or take the easy route and find some online. Make them easy or hard, rude or PG and show off your best Roy Walker impression. Don’t forget, just say what you see!

So there you have it – some of our recommendations to make sure your quiz is one of the best.

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