Punk’s Not Dead: An Interview With Slaves

Music / January 23, 2015
by admin

Touted as one of 2015’s bands most-likely-to, Kent punk duo Slaves look for all the world like a brand new proposition. In reality, Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent have been touring incessantly for three-odd years, trampling a sweat and spit-strewn path across the country with their incendiary live shows.

Well known for their sharp style and fondness for Fred Perry and Adidas, we sat down with drummer and vocalist Isaac for a chat about touring, favourite threads and why Mike Skinner will always be the man.

Scotts: How’s the new album looking?

Slaves: We came out of the studio a few weeks ago, it’s finished now. We’re really excited. It’s been a long time sitting on it and it’s not out for a while yet. We’re a bit impatient!

It’s technically your debut, even though you already released A Sugar Coated Bit Of Truth?

Well we had that as a sort of mini album. It was every song we had when we first started [in 2012] , that we laid down and got out  So this is technically our debut, our first signed album.

You’ve been on the road almost non-stop,  Where’s your favourite venue?

Tunbridge Wells Forum will always be our top venue. That’s where I started gigging, where I became a musician.   We’ll be playing there next month which will be good.  Other than that, The Hairy Dog in Derby is a really, really cool venue.


Yeah, weirdly. In Derby, out of everywhere, we’ve probably got the biggest following other than Kent or London.  We went there on our first ever tour. An old scrappy punk band called Wonky took us out. We went to that venue, and kept going back and going back, and now when we go back we could probably fill it out a couple times over.

You’re well known for wearing decent clothes. How do you stay sharp on tour?

I always take an iron! It’s my tour essential. I always wake up a bit early and do a bit of ironing in my Travelodge.

How would you describe your style?

When we first started out we were more into the mod, skin, style, like subcultures. I guess a little bit of rockabilly as well. Now there’s no rules, no boundaries. I still like quite smart, but but now I like the American thing: big belts and shiny shoes with a heel on them.

Who do you like at the moment?

I like Nick Cave, back in the day. Slicked back hair, red shit and pin striped suit.  He’s got it. He’s always got it.

There was  some pictures doing the rounds of you in Adidas Original tracksuits

With them we got them before we went on the road – wear them all day then put the suit on at night. Sometimes we’ll also wear the track tops, with suit trousers and nice shoes.

Favourite Adidas trainers?

I like Stan Smiths.  I’ve got some the original shell toes, the Adidas 25 Originals.  I love the Sambas as well, the Gazelles, I love the original Adidas stuff.

Favourite brand?

I think it might be Adidas actually. Hold on, let me look in my wardrobe, get some inspiration [Wanders off. Shouts back.] I dunno, Fred Perry’s been there from the start.  I’ve always been well into them.

Favourite item of Fred Perry Clothing?

I’ve got an old vintage red Fred Perry track top which I’ve had for years and years, which is still pretty intact. I love that.

You’re well known for your social media output, and were recently nominated for an NME for it.

I don’t think we ever really set out to be big on social media. It just happened through writing ridiculous things, and taking the p*ss a bit.

Would you ever get involved in Twitter beef?

Nah, i don’t think so.  We don’t really like having enemies.

What about if Noel Gallagher digged you out?  He seems to be into that.

I dunno, we prefer just killing with kindness. I’d probably just say ‘have a nice day mate.’

If you had to take Noel, Paul Weller or Mike Skinner on a weekend to Butlins, who would you go with?

Mike Skinner without  a shadow of a doubt. Growing up, he was my musical hero.

What’s your favourite Streets album?

Uhm, Original Pirate Material.  Just because. But A Grand Don’t Come For Free was pretty f*cking mind-blowing. I love a concept album.

Slaves’ new album ‘Are You Satisfied’ is out now.

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