Preparing for Black Friday 2020

by Johanna Roelich

2020 has been a year we would all like to put behind us, there’s no surprise in that. There haven’t been many perks and there’s much to adjust to; like Black Friday for example. Black Friday usually see’s the entire country heading to their favourite retailers to snap up some time-limited bargains. This year however, is going to be very different. That’s why we have pulled together a little check-list so you can make the most of Black Friday and ensure you don’t miss out on any bargains, all from the comfort of your living room.

Don’t let Black Friday 2020 break you.

Get prepping

Preparation is key if you want to smash the Black Friday weekend. Even if you’re not after a new wardrobe, it’s best to ‘favourite’ or ‘bookmark’ the products you want to get your hands on – and check at least two of their competitors and bookmark those too! You can’t chance these things.

Download the apps, create your accounts and get those details saved so all that stands in the way of you and your new gear, is a tap of the finger. Add what you like to your wishlist pre-sale and all you need to do is check back on the day and head straight to the checkout. Stick with prepping guys and you’ll avoid the panic.

Sign up

Let’s be honest, Black Friday doesn’t start on the Friday anymore. A lot of retailers kick it all off about a week or so before, stretching out the top deals to give us the best chance of snapping up anything and everything we had our eyes on. But here’s a little tip; early access normally goes down via the app. So, what are you going to do with this vital information? Download the scotts app now to get your Black Friday steals early!

Keep to a budget

It’s been a tough year so remember to stick to a reasonable budget. Consider the well deserved treats when you’re working out how much you are able to spend, and go from there. Make a list, do the calculations, job done.

Be strong-willed

You might try to outsmart Black Friday but it might end up outsmarting you. Top tips; use your judgement and keep your eye on the prize, stay cool and reserved, and just think, you deserve that pair of Air Force 1’s.

Timing really is everything

Black Friday isn’t going to wait until you’re ready to bag up a couple of bargains. Some of the best Black Friday offers start at midnight so overload on caffeine, because it could be a long night.

If you failed Black Friday

It happens. If you feel like Black Friday shopping has been a total fail and you’ve come away empty-handed, don’t panic, you’ve got the whole weekend to try again. Cyber Monday is another chance to get involved in all the flash sales and discounts. So if Black Friday just wasn’t your time to shine, you’ve got a second shot to smash the sales.

Download our app now to be the first to know when our Black Friday sale kicks off.

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