Peter Storm Cagoules

by Peter Hooton

Duffle coats had been the garment of choice in the winter on the terraces of Anfield and Goodison in the late 70s but Peter Storm ruled Spring and Autumn.

This was the catalyst for football fans’ love affair with all things mountaineering. Bemused staff in the couple of specialist mountaineering shops were open mouthed as young scals swarmed into their shops looking for cagoules and mountain boots. Peter Storm’s epitomised the ‘feminine boy next door’ look favoured by football fans, so the look was the perfect ‘disguise’ garments for the terraces.

The mountaineering shops couldn’t keep pace with the demand and although they didn’t understand the trend they were happy to supply when they could get their hands on them. Green and blue Peter Storm’s were probably the most popular but people sought out all sorts of exotic colours to stand out in the crowd.

In recent years Peter Storm cagoules were immortalised in the cult film Awaydays when most of the ‘pack’ from an unnamed Birkenhead team sported them on their trips to away matches to confront their adversaries. The classic look of a cagoule, straight jeans and a pair of training shoes has probably never been surpassed in all the years of terrace one-upmanship and remains the ultimate ‘look.’ Practical and cheap Peter Storm cagoules have stood the test of time. Other brands have come and gone but they were the original items of terrace chic even though they were originally intended for fell walkers and boy scouts on camping expeditions.

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