Our Top 20 Indie Love Anthems

by Olivia Mannix

Valentine’s Day, whether you love it or loathe it, we all enjoy some of the things that come alongside the annual celebration. This year, we’re keeping things simple though – because let’s be honest, it’s already been a whirlwind. Whether you’re happily single or you’ve taken the plunge, anyone can appreciate a great love song. There is no better way to communicate than through the medium of music, so in no particular order, here are some of our favourite indie love songs.

David Bowie – Heroes

“I, I will be king / And you, you will be queen / Though nothing will drive them away / We can beat them – just for one day.” 

We’re kicking it off with a tune that is truly awe-inspiring from the incredible David Bowie. Heroes contains some of the most inspirational, anthemic lyrics, that make you feel as though love will triumph in the end.

The Wannadies – You And Me Song

“You and me / Always / And forever.” 

Now this is an absolute banger. Whether it reminds you of Romeo and Juliet or Coronation Street, this song is all about the power of love. It’s a top tune that never gets old. Quiet and calm to start off with, then the chorus comes in and it just hits different!

The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

“And if a double decker bus / Crashes into us / To die by your side / Is such a heavenly way to die.” 

Here we have an era-defining Manchester anthem. Straight off one of The Smiths’ best selling albums, There Is A Light is one of the most alternative love songs ever. This is a beautiful tune about the escape from isolation, breaking away from depression and falling in love. 

The Cure – Friday I’m In Love

“I don’t care if Monday’s blue / Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too / Thursday, I don’t care about you / It’s Friday I’m in love.” 

You can’t help but smile when you listen to this song. It provides a flashback to your first love. There is nothing like waiting for the weekend to finally be reunited with that someone special. This song is so relatable and we absolutely love it.

Oasis – Slide Away

“I need you now you’ve knocked me off my feet / I dream of you and we talk of growing old.”

An epic love song from the Gallagher brothers, taken from their debut album, Definitely Maybe. This song focuses on the feeling of meeting the one. You become ‘two of a kind’, the future is bright and the happiness a relationship can bring to someone is clear. 

Arctic Monkeys – Cornerstone

“And I elongated my lift home / Yeah I let him go the long way round / I smelt your scent on the seat belt / And kept my shortcuts to myself”.

This cheeky little number really is something special. This is a much-loved track taken from Humbug, telling the story of how a fractious relationship finally comes good. Cornerstone feels comical yet sincere, as Alex describes his failures during a quest for love. Utterly brilliant. 

Foo Fighters – Everlong

“If everything could ever be this real forever / If anything could ever be this good again”.

Another top-notch song about the passion of love. Everlong evokes real love, that feeling of shyness, yet highlights the excitement in a relationship. It is about the happiness of being so in tune with someone. This song really shows Dave Grohl’s soft side – and we absolutely love it!

Courteeners – That Kiss

“That kiss that lasted too long / We probably shouldn’t have danced to that song / It was nothing / It was everything”.

This song feels as though it is inspired by The Smiths and it is pure genius! We all know the feeling of wanting someone we can’t have, or desiring a relationship that simply can’t happen. You can feel Fray’s heartache as he expresses his regret towards meeting a girl, who quite clearly made an impact, but he never saw again.

Alt-J – Breezeblocks

“Please don’t go, I’ll eat you whole / I love you so, I love you so.”

Breezeblocks is a catchy little tune with a deep meaning. It plays on the idea of obsession – how love can be so powerful, it could become toxic. This song portrays the two sides of a relationship and how love can make people act. 

Coldplay – Fix You

“Lights will guide you home / And ignite your bones / And I will try to fix you.”

This has to be one of the biggest indie love anthems of all time, right? Taken from X&Y, Fix You deals with true love, helping someone in a time of need, and learning from mistakes. For Chris Martin, this tune has always been one of his favourites and he claims that it actually got him through a tough couple of years. This is simply beautiful, highlighting love, strength and support.

The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kisses

“Cradle me, I’ll cradle you / I’ll win your heart with a whit-a-woo!” 

Here we have a quintessentially English love song from The Maccabees. Coming from the band’s debut album, we can hear a sophisticated understanding of melody in this track. Toothpaste Kisses focuses on how past relationships can be damaging – resulting in new lovers almost consoling each other. It is incredible. 

The Zutons – Valerie

“And I miss your ginger hair / And the way you like to dress / Won’t you come on over / Stop making a fool out of me”.

The original and best. It’s no surprise that this tune is how the Liverpool band got their name. We feel a sense of loneliness with Valerie. There is nothing worse than when you are feeling down and you just want somebody’s company. Listen, Dave McCabe, we know exactly what you mean!

Wolf Alice – Don’t Delete The Kisses

“I wanna tell the whole world about you, I think that that’s a sign / I’m losing self control and it’s you, it really is, one thousand times / I look at your picture and I smile / How awful’s that? I’m like a teenage girl”.

We love this shy pledge of love from Wolf Alice. There is a feeling of doubt in this song – a sort of self reflection, making you think about whether you’re good enough. But, Don’t Delete The Kisses slowly untangles the knots created in a person’s mind when falling in love. There is the realisation that the pair are meant to be together, and the excitement builds.

The La’s – There She Goes

“There she goes again / Racing through my brain / And I just can’t contain / This feeling that remains”.

There is a lot of speculation around this song. But, you heard it here first – it can’t just be about drugs, surely? It’s a brilliant LOVE song. Everybody has somebody that makes their heart race. Sometimes it is overwhelming and it is hard to admit those feelings, but love is love!

The Stone Roses – Waterfall

“She’ll carry on through it all / She’s a waterfall.”

Here we have an impeccable masterpiece from one of Manchester’s finest bands. It is an ode to women, highlighting how they simply keep calm and carry on. Waterfall is about an escape – how everyone needs to take a breath of fresh air sometimes. Simple, beautiful, an absolute banger.

The Jam – English Rose

“No matter where I roam / I will return to my English rose”.

This song is a gift from the young Paul Weller. It’s gentle and sweet. It’s not about a person, or a place, but rather feeling. This romantic folk ballad is about being away from home and feeling lonely. We’re only human and we can feel so many emotions whilst away – but often, the main one being that you cannot wait to return.

Peace – Lovesick

“I don’t wanna go to school / I don’t wanna take the call / I just wanna be a fool and get lovesick with you.”

A simple yet incredible song from Peace. There is nothing like entering into a relationship and wanting to spend every minute with that person. You feel as though you’re better when you’re with them. To reach that place of being in a relationship is magical and the things that follow are bloody brilliant.

MGMT – Electric Feel

“She got the current in her hand / Just shock you like you won’t believe / Sun in the amazon / With the voltage running through her skin / Standing there with nothing on / She gonna teach me how to swim…”

Here we have one of MGMT’s first tunes, Electric Feel. Although some speculate this song has nothing to do with love, we reckon there is definitely something in there. The electricity in a relationship is unbeatable and the things you can teach each other are endless. This is a song about the surprise of connecting so well with a new person.

Gerry Cinnamon – Belter

“She plays with lightning / I’m a hundred miles high / Dishing out the thunder/ Like a God inside the sky.”

We can appreciate the start of a relationship when things can go either way. How you’re trying to be cool but at the same time don’t want to let your guard down in case you are rejected. This is a tune about your heart following what it wants. A realistic, tongue-in-cheek love song, that is a complete belter.

New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle

“Every time I see you falling / I get down on my knees and pray / I’m waiting for that final moment / You’ll say the words that I can’t say.”

Obviously, this song is about a good old love triangle. Complicated, scary, yet kind of exciting? This tune is packed full of emotion and confusion. A new relationship can be complicated – we can sympathise with the decision of wanting to go back to your ex, or moving forward with someone new. We love this funky little banger.

Happy Valentine’s Day from scotts. What’s your favourite love anthem?

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