One True Saxon: a true British brand obsessed with quality menswear

Fashion / August 23, 2016
by admin

One True Saxon was set up by three normal guys who had a passion for quality menswear and wanted to create their own fashion label after leaving Paul Smith. It was launched in 1987 and is a pure British brand aimed at ‘the lads’ to provide simple, yet stylish menswear.

Originating in Nottingham with only a few stockists, they began to concentrate on slogan t-shirts and uniquely cut denim. Within a few months the brand had a more demanding place in the market highlighting the excellent design and quality of all their products.

They create laid-back casual fashion but with an edge, taking pride in the quality of their products but not conforming or chasing the latest trends of the runway. They focus on quality and style, allowing the customer to decide who they are; someone who appreciates fashion or someone prefers style?

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