What To Wear To Your Office Christmas Party

Fashion / December 5, 2018
by Aidan Jenner

It’s that time of year again! You’ve got to dig deep in to the wardrobe, sift through all the old shirts, past that thing you bought a few years ago that you’ve never worn, and find something to wear. Why? The work Christmas do is coming up, of course. So while everyone else will be wearing an ill-fitting party shirt, brown brogue and dodgy denim combo we’ve made it our business to have you looking the part. Welcome to the scotts guide to Christmas do clobber.  

Our first bit of advice is to keep it simple. Remember less is more, an easy shirt and trouser ensemble will always look more effortless for a Friday night out than a three-piece suit. Your best bet is an oxford shirt, white or blue should do. It’s not quite a full dress shirt but it’s got all the hallmarks of Ivy League styling, top button undone and you’re good to go. Check out Fred Perry to get the look.  

It’s chilly at this time of year, you’re going to need a top layer which can be tricky but fear not we’ve got you covered. For those who favour a little bit of personality when they’re off the clock the overshirt is the way to go. It’s not quite a jacket, not quite a shirt which is perfect for heading out on the town with your colleagues. If your keen to impress a trench coat might be the one. Aquascutum are the boys for that. With a bit of length and heritage behind it, a trench coat will have you looking sharp as. 

Your choice of trouser will make or break the outfit. The question to ask yourself is denim or no denim? If you want to wear a pair of jeans, we’d probably say keep it clean and go for a black or dark wash. That’ll sit perfectly with the oxford shirt we talked about earlier, no fuss at all. The Replay Anbass Slim Jeans in black are pretty much spot on for the job. Trousers wise chinos are never a bad shout either. We recommend a pair of Edwin Tapered chinos which are the perfect example of casual tailoring and should see you through the night without any problems. 

Finally, it’s time to talk footwear. Basically when it comes to footwear you’ve got to think about getting into the swanky bars way down the line once everything’s spiralled downhill. You need to get in because you just can’t miss Tracey from finance dancing on the tables. With that in mind you’ve got two options suede or leather. Chelsea boot, wallabee, desert boot, they’ll all do as long as they’re suede or leather. Check out Clarks, One True Saxon and Barbour for your footwear needs.  

There you have it. Easy really isn’t it? Have fun on your Christmas dos and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.  

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