Our Guide To NYE Clobber

Fashion / December 14, 2018
by Johanna Roelich

Christmas is just around the corner and there’s just one thing on our minds… New Years Eve. Whatever your plans, you’ve got to look fresh to start the new year off right. Whether that means digging deep into your wardrobes to find your classic NYE go to gear, or treating yourself with something new, this is our guide to New Years Eve clobber.

Keep it simple – don’t overdo it. The trick is to seem like little to no effort was made to look good. If you’re planning a night on the town or throwing a house party, a simple shirt and a classic pair of black Levis will suffice. Throwing on a classic Fred Perry shirt will up your game and raise the bar for the New Year… And that’s never a bad thing.

Check out the look:

If you’re heading out this New Years Eve, you’re going to need a coat, it’s cold out. The days of being ‘too cool’ to feel the cold have well and truly passed, it’s all about layering now. You can tell a lot about a guy by his coat too so if yours isn’t quite hitting that mark, we suggest a classic trench coat – Aquascutum are the boys for that. With a bit of length and heritage behind it, a trench coat will have you looking sharp as. 

When it comes to the right pair of footwear, you’ve got to think about getting into those swanky bars you’ve already bought tickets for. You don’t want to see the New Year in sat in the street with a bottle of champagne – that’s for later on! With that in mind, you’ve got two options, leather or suede. You’re onto a winner with a classic chelsea boot or desert boot – and an even bigger winner with Barbour.

Accessories are key to completing any look. Whether you care about that or not, think of it as a necessity. You wouldn’t leave the house in your best gear without a watch, just like you wouldn’t leave the house without a scarf when it’s baltic. It’s a good look, so get on it.

Check out our latest arrivals and get ready for a class night.

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