New Year, New Gear

Fashion / January 18, 2019
by Johanna Roelich

What better reason to crank up the quality of your wardrobe than a new year? We’ve all been there in January setting our New Year’s resolutions, whether you’ve decided to look after yourself a bit more, take up veganuary or that dry January nonsense. We’re all for looking after yourself a bit more don’t get me wrong, but maybe start with something a bit more… exciting. We’ve pulled together some of our newest January gear to give you a hand on freshening up this new year wardrobe we’re talking about.

Bold Logo’s

Bold logo’s are back! This trend has harked back to an era that was more street, when style had a bit more bling – thankfully those days are behind us, but it’s time to go loud with all-over print, or go home.


We’ve got a ton of brand new, top quality layers this winter and we’ll be blunt about this, you’re going to need them! A kick in the teeth for global warming or simple seasonal styling? Get ready for the winter bite that’s creeping in with our winter gear essentials. Layering is key this winter so it’s time to up your layering game.


Farah is one of the latest brands to join the scotts gang. If you haven’t seen the collection yet then just take this, their designs are unique – stitched together with premium quality and care. Described as “From Only Fools and Horses to Richard Serra to Wilfred Thesiger” they’re definitely a brand to throw into your new year wardrobe.

You can tell a lot about a person by his shoes…

You never need an excuse to buy some new kicks, so we’re just going to leave these here…

Want to see more of our latest January gear? Good, because we’ve got hundreds of them!

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